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Suvudu's Cage Match, Picks Galore


Severus Snape (Harry Potter) defeated Lestat (Anne Rice's Vampire books) and Quick Ben (Malazan Book of the Fallen) beat Pug (Riftworld) to duke it out over champion of the New Crobuzon division. I have a lot of faith in Snape here. The man is ruthless and dispassionate. He's a survivor. Then again, I know next to nothing aout Quick Ben.

My Pick: Snape, due to his sheer tenacity. He won't go down easy.

Martin the Warrior (Brian Jacques Redwall series) will be fighting Perrin Aybarra (Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series) for the championship of the Ankh Morpork Division. Before I discuss my pick for this fight, I have a few words about the previous matches that these characters have won.

I want to call shenanigans on the Martin vs. Katniss (Suzanne Collins' Hunger Games trilogy) fight. Martin is a mouse. There is a lot of debate within the Suvudu comments about size and just how big Martin is compared to Katniss. Brian Jacques never specified size and left that detail up to the readers' own imaginations. I know the people have spoken and Katniss has lost. But to lose to a mouse, no matter what size, rankles. Katniss has preternatural archery ability and hard core survival skills. I was betting on her to win. But, this is all for funsies at the end of the day, and even though people liked Martin more, I still call BS.

As for Perrin and Paul (Frank Herbert's Dune), I suppose I didn't really expect Paul Atreidas to win, even though he should have logically. But, one of the really cool things about these cage matches, even in the case of Katniss and Martin, is seeing how authors and Suvudu writers twist a character's abilities to that character's favor, even if said character is not the logical choice to with the fight.

All of this being said, I think Martin will go down in this round. Perrin is a powerhouse that will only be stopped by Jon Snow (George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series) or Zed (Terry Goodkind's Swort of Truth series). And... Martin is a mouse. C'mon people... mouse.

My Pick: Perrin


Be sure to head over to Suvudu to cast your votes. Voting on this set of matchups ends Sunday. Voting for the Rama and Minas Tirith Divisions ends tomorrow. This might shape up to be another battle between George R.R. Martin and Robert Jordan, but it's all still up in the air.
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Comments (6)


Snape over Quick?! C'mon... Do a little research first! Snape is pretty badass but Quick makes a habit out of slapping gods (like... for real gods) in the face (figuratively) and getting away without a scratch! Read up! The Malazan books are amazing!


Granted - I need to do some reading up on Quick Ben. But one of the beauties of these cage matches is that they give me a lot of new awesomeness to read. I'm especially intrigued by Sanderson's series.


Very true! Sanderson's Mistborn Trilogy is amazing. I've never read a fantasy series where you have such an intimate understanding of how the magic system works. And it's very unique. Vin is absolutely full of awesome and win. Too bad she'll go up against Jon Snow in the semifinal. Though I love the Ice and Fire series too!


Yeah, I've been reading reviews of the Mistborn series and have them lined up for download on my nook. Every review claims he's fresh and refreshing - I like that. I thought Zed would take Vin with no problem, but I was wrong. What do you think of how far Martin has made it so far? I was disappointed he beat Katniss, even though I do like the Redwall series. Right now, I'm about halfway through Wise Man's Fear by Patrick Rothfuss. I'm going to need to re-read all the Ice and Fire books before Dance With Dragons comes out. So... much... reading...


I hear that! I'm actually not at all familiar with the Redwall or Hunger Games series. I read up a little bit on both... And I just don't get the deal with Martin... I mean... He IS just a mouse right? Haha! And Katniss seems pretty awesome from what I understand. Hunger Games is definitely on my reading list. Along with the Kingkiller Chronicles, Riftworld, American Gods..... The list goes on. It's like you said: So. Much. Reading. I actually just got finished with the first four Ice and Fire books about a month ago. I know I was late to the game but you gotta admit; my timing couldn't have been better! HBO's adaptation looks amazing and DwD is almost done! I already pre-ordered it on my kindle. When they estimated 3 weeks of battery life for this thing they must not have taken into account how much damn reading I have to do! Now, back to pounding away at book three of the Malazan series!


Good luck with all the reading - let me know if you come across anything awesome!