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Spider-Man: Turn Off The Competition

How soon will making fun of that title get boring? None. None soon.

If you've been doing as you've been told, you've been reading our friend RoboPanda's posts over at Gamma Squad, and you know about the other Spidey musical that's opening slightly-to-the-left of Broadway, The Spidey Project: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility.

The Spidey Project: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility is a guerilla theatre project to write, rehearse, and perform a fully-realized musical based on the character Spider-Man in under 30 days with a budget of $0. It is set to open and close with two performances one day before the $65 million Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. Justin Moran’s musical will be the first Spider-Man musical to officially open in New York City.

The sale for tickets to the one show they were offering (tickets are free, by the way,) was three days ago and sold out in under a minute, so they added a second performance the same night and tickets went on sale about 45 minutes ago. Those sold out in under a minute, too. (Though, their Facebook page is encouraging people who missed out on internet tickets to show up at the door.)

The interesting thing about this musical is that everyone involved is donating their time at the last minute to write, rehearse, and perform a Spidey show only twice. It's an interesting concept, and I'm inclined to take it seriously due to Doug Katsaros being one of the show's composers. He did the arrangements for the Broadway version of Footloose, which I didn't really like, but he was also the composer for The Tick, which is awesome, and trumps everything.

I really wanted to get some tickets to send Laura, since she's seen Turn Off The Dark but refuses to talk about it. You see, right after the performance, there was a major blizzard that stranded her and then gave her some sort of alien death flu -- Julie Taymor, your climbing through a volcano story does not compare -- which has made her too sad confused to recount the actual musical. (I assumed it was awesome, though, there were no deaths or injuries, so not too awesome.)

At any rate, there's no word whether the Spidey Project actors will be hurtling towards you and possible lawsuits via shoddy harness work, so if you were lucky enough to get tickets to this show, I hope it satisfies your need to see Peter Parker sort of on Broadway for less than $275 a pop.

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Comments (1)

It didn't make it sad. It's just all sort of a blur. It was awesome though. I got to see Spider-Man swing through the air. I have been waiting my whole life to see that.

Also, The Tick is awesome and does trump everything. It stinks that there are only going to be 2 performances. I hope they film it and at least put some of it up on the internet. At the very least it would be nice if the music got heard by more people than just the few who manged to get tickets.