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It's The Time of the Season For Merchandising

A while back, we complained about DC's new "75th Anniversary" logo, and how it lacked Wonder Woman. It was clear that for 2011, DC was planning on licensing its major characters as much as possible. Not only was the anniversary approaching, but a Green Lantern movie is due as their big summer blockbuster project, and attention must be paid. (Although, maybe we could've done without Hal Jordan's tasty glowing balls.)

First, there was a Zazzle store that was started to hawk various merchandise on Zazzle with DC characters all over it. (It includes stuff with the all-sausage-fest DC 75 logo.)

Then, there was the Wonder Woman makeup from M.A.C. You know my thoughts on that, though, Rania says the oversized compact is actually "really rad," so maybe I'll look in to buying that Michael Allred totebag after all.

In December, nOir Jewelry launched a line of jewelry with DC that involved both the logos of various DC superheros, and interpretive pieces, like the Gotham City ring at the right. I am in love with everything they've done with Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, et al., but the prices reflect the quality of the jewelry, which is way outside my price range of Death By Cadmium Poisoning.

However, just this week, Guild Jewellery in Australia launched their own line of DC merchandise, which includes fancy versions of all the Lantern rings, as well as the Wonder Woman choker on the left that I want to go with my imaginarily owned Gotham City ring.

Jewelry, makeup, handbags, Twinkies... It seems like DC has made up for the "No boobs in our anniversary logo!" thing by targeting the four needs of most women everywhere, almost. If you're going to make generalizations about stuff chicks like, you can't leave out the shoes. And here at Geektress, what we've been waiting for has finally launched:


Converse Wonder Woman hi-tops only seem to be available right now internationally -- at a ridiculously slow-loading site called RMK in the United Kingdom, or at Baggins Shoes in Canada. They do ship internationally, but that doesn't explain why Converse hasn't launched sales of the shoes on their own website (which includes not only the patriotic Wonder Woman shoe shown above, but some gorgeous Batman and Superman versions, as well.) seems to have some different versions for sale, including a Legion of Doom Converse, but not the Wonder Woman ones.

Why does my love of sparkly things and Converse have to be so complicated? Doesn't love mean never having to say annual percentage rate?

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I'm always on the lookout for Wonder Woman, especially with the anniversary this year.
And I agree, there is a massive lack of any female characters let alone the most recognizable female comic book character of all *ahem*.

I find that the things that they do chose to produce with the Wonder Woman name/image/logo is disappointing, though I have not yet seen the MAC goods.

I do really want those shoes though - and some of the other unobtainable shoes on the Converse website. Ah!

(On the upside, I'm in the planning stages of my own awesome WW piece and as soon as it's complete, I'll share!)

Sorry just got totally distracted by Baggins Shoes.
Hobbits don't wear shoes. Ever. Where would they learn to make shoes? Why would they go into shoe retail? This will only mean anything to you if you give a hoot about Tolkien and have listened to the Dave Gorman podcast, but for my money that Has to go on Fail Lane. Unfortunately Dave Gorman doesn't give a shit about Tolkien so there's no point me telling him...