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Exciting Contest! Share the Worst, Win the Best!


UPDATE: CONTEST EXTENDED. You have until Friday to submit to us your story and make yourself eligible for a couple of cool prizes!

Recently at Geektress we've come across a wealth of awesome things we could give away. For instance, I happen to have an extra signed copy of this Dave MacDowell painting that is pretty awesome. Also, Alex at Neatorama has offered to supply a prize up to $25 in value from The Neatoshop. So, obviously, a contest is in order!

From now until March 1st 4th, submit to us (either via email or here in our comments) an essay describing your worst convention-going experience. It doesn't even have to be a comic con -- it can be anything. A trade convention, electronics expo, sci-fi, cosplay, anime, whatever.

We'll narrow down the entrants here at Geektress and then pick and announce the winner at C2E2 in Chicago on March 18th. (Warning: We may enlist the fine people at Comic Book Queers and Drunken Zombie to help us judge.) The winner gets their choice of the Dave MacDowell painting or the Neatorama prize. Second place gets whatever the winner doesn't want. Third place gets hugs.


  1. Must describe a terrible con-going experience.
  2. Must be written in English. (Apologies to Kahless for the restriction of Klingon entrants.)
  3. Must be printable. (And by that, we mean if you were assaulted by a mascot at a football convention, keep the sexually graphic details to yourself.) (And maybe seek therapy instead of an online essay writing competition.)
  4. Must be actual. No made-up shenanigans, only an actual, true experience.
  5. Must be submitted to us by midnight on Tuesday, March 1st Friday, March 4th.

Good luck!

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Comments (5)

I'm working on it. I'm working on it!

Gosh...of all the cons I have attended (and there have been many)...nothing too wretched has happened. At are constantly dodging the odor-zones! You know, those boys dressed like fat Peter Jackson who find bathing optional..and you must walk by them without entering their cone of smell lest is suck into your own hair and clothes.

At comic book conventions I am constantly dodging my ex-boyfriend(s)...but one in particular. At c2e2 last year I was not so lucky. While waiting in line for Amanda Connor, he sneaked up behind me and whispered in my ear. I tried to play it cool but it was more than a little creepy.

Other than creepy ex' worst experience was being a booth babe at san diego comic con while having strep throat and a fever. I lost my voice and sounded like Selma And Patty. I was constantly dousing myself with hand sanitizer so as not to spread my sickness. I still had a great time...but four days of smiling and playing vanna white through fever sweats and chills is not recommended.

Oh I forgot one...At a local con last year, I was the judge of a costume contest. One of the lady entrants chose an ill-advised Miss Marvel costume and neglected to check the fit of her leotard before jumping on the stage. Sadly there was no point deduction category for 'labia' reveal. Shudder.


The worst thing that every happened to me at a con was nearly being hit by a tornado. It was the night before the last day of the con, and my friends and I were about to go to sleep. We had to wake up early the next day because we needed to be out of the room by 10 or they would charge us for an extra day, so we needed to get to sleep. One of my friends is a meteorology student and gets texts on her phone whenever there is severe weather. She had been getting texts about tornado warnings all night, so we weren't surprised when we heard a tornado siren off in the distance. It sounded far away, so we thought we were alright.

At about 3 am there was a knock on the door, and someone is telling us we have to go down to the first floor (we were on the 4th). Notice I said "someone" and not a hotel employee? Well that's because they didn't have enough employees on staff and they only told a few people on each floor and then told them to spread the word. The person who knocked on our door a girl that couldn't have been older than 16, and my roommate was so pissed that someone was knocking at 3 am and that he stubbed his toe on the way to answer it, that he almost punched her in the face before he saw who it was. I heard that on the floor below us a Doctor Who cosplayer was running around warning everyone of the danger. I know that sounds cool, but when it's 3 am and you're tired after a long day of con-going, it's really annoying.

So we all went down to the first floor and camped out with whatever pillows and blankets we had grabbed from our room. After we had settled in, someone from Security shouted that we needed to be in the BASEMENT, not the first floor. Gee, what a surprise that their genius plan of asking completely unqualified hotel guests to tell people where to go in an emergency ended in miscommunications!

We made our way to the basement with people pushing and shoving us all the way. There's something I should mention here: this hotel is a actually a hotel/indoor water park. Why is this important? It means the basement is incredibly hot and humid. It was incredibly hard to breathe, it was crowded, and someone decided to start smoking on top of it all. Plus, about half the people down there were still drunk from the rave earlier that night. Some people even still had drinks with them. Trust me, there is nothing more annoying than hundreds of drunk anime fans all in one place.

While the girl across from us was having what looked like a panic attack, the guy next to us (who I swear to God looked and sounded exactly like Dwight Schrute) decided to tell everyone some "facts" about tornadoes. My meteorology friend told us later that everything he said was complete bullshit.

After about an hour, we were finally let back up to our rooms. In the morning we got a not under the door that basically said "Sorry about the tornado thing. Make sure you get all your shit out of the room by 10 or we charge you hundreds of dollars. Enjoy the Con!".

I don't have tons of experience, but I used to accompany a friend who is totally blind, but still loves his comic books, to Wizard World. I was his "reading eye girl." We stood in line to get Lou Ferrigno's autograph, which cost $10. Later, we found an old bodybuilding magazine featuring the young Ferrigno and went back to his booth to show it to him. And he said, "I can't sign that unless you pay me $10."

In under the wire!