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C2E2: In Summary, Nerds Are Awesome

In a move that might go down as one of the stupidest nerdery-related decisions ever, I literally drove from the airport this afternoon in to work. Yes, I got up at 6am, took a flight out of Chicago, and then turned around and worked a 10 hour shift. I quite possibly am out of my mind.

The next thing you're absolutely not going to be shocked about, especially if you know me, is the complete lack of cooperation I got from technology this weekend. When my camera wasn't randomly shutting down during interviews, my lapel microphone's battery was dying. There was also a rampant case of SD Card Corruption preventing me from taking many photos or recording our normal convention roundup podcast. Thus, we have very few new photos after the jump that you didn't already see on Twitter.

The first day of C2E2 I was really confused. The last convention I attended was New York Comic Con, which in terms of insanity is probably only outdone by San Diego Comic Con. I had to get adjusted to the laid-back and welcoming attitude of Chicago, and find a way to just relax, instead of constantly stressing about whether or not I could make it to a panel. At C2E2, you could make it to lots of panels, with minimum hassle.


I did get a chance to snap this photo of a Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern figure. The new suit may look awesome on film, but it sort of makes Ryan look like he's got a thong on. Weird.

We also picked up a crocheted Cthulhu for Carey from Sugar Monster Crafts.


Carey: I love it so much, I wish I had brought it with me to work today to comfort myself as I deal with the daily grind of stupid.

In turn, she bought me a most adorable evil cookie from House of Darkly:

I spent most of the convention looking for a copy of Beasts of Burden for Jill Thompson to sign, but never found it. That really was the only comic on my list of comics to buy, and I couldn't find it. The good news is, I didn't leave empty handed. My love for Katy Keene was rekindled by Andrew Pepoy, who inked for Fables and who Archie Comics tapped to write and draw for their new Katy Keene series. Also, I picked up the first two issues of Comic Book Comics from Ryan Dunlavey. Good stuff, we'll be reviewing Comic Book Comics and writing about Katy Keene a little later on the site.

Anyway, on to Carey's recap of her weekend (other than post-con drinking / taco-having, I barely saw Carey and hubby at all! SAD FACE!)

Carey: I was very tempted to go to the China Mieville panel on Saturday morning, but part of me was drawn away by all the cool shit on the convention floor. The other part of me felt like a poser because I haven’t read any of his work. I’m about 30 pages into Perdido Street Station on my nook, and that’s about it. But now after listening to Patricio (from CBQ) swoon and seeing the pictures he took of China… I really wish I had gone. Lesson learned.

One of the first things I did was go visit with friend of Geektress, Katie Cook. Katie is also a friend of Drunken Zombie, so when I showed up at her booth without the husband, she told me, “If you want a commission, I will draw you one. You can ask for whatever you want. But your husband ran off to do something else, so he gets jack shit. And you can quote me.” And so I did. We tried to go back to her booth several times over the weekend, but she was always swamped, because she is awesome. [Editor's Note: I managed to squeeze in there long enough to get cats with Star Wars helmets! ~Bren] I also got to chat real briefly with Peoria native and Oz visionary, Skottie Young. I love it when good artists and writers are also good, fun people.

The husband is a huge fan of Terry Moore, so we chatted with him for a little while on Saturday and he talked to us about his new project after Echo, called Rachel Rising, about a girl who wakes up on her own grave and knows who murdered her. Hell to the yes. That sounds awesome.

The next morning, we all got up and did it again. My friend Kristy and I headed to the depths of McCormick Place for a surprise signing by Garth Ennis. I love The Punisher, perhaps more than I should. I have to fight every day not to go Frank Castle on people for things like bad driving or inconsiderate cell phone use. If I had known he was doing a signing, I would have brought my copy of Punisher: The End (the one where Punisher kills the remains of the human race) for him to sign. But, I didn’t have it and Kristy’s husband was nice enough to allow Ennis to sign his copy of Punisher: Born to me, as long as I send my copy to him so he can still have one. How cool was that? So, Kristy got an Ennis autograph for Frank, and I got one for me and we both squeed our way back up to Artist’s Alley in a very un-Punisher like fashion.

Representin' in the Komen / Geektress Shirt

Carey: The best part of Sunday was definitely the Comic Book Queers Panel, and I’m not just saying that because I like the guys involved. The panel was a lot of fun and the folks at Prism comics do a good job of promoting LGBT writers and artists without getting preachy or cause-y. They promote the people they do because those people are very talented. They just also happen to be gay. The panel was fun and no one escaped the baby oil, AIDS baby, or gay Punisher references, or Stevie yelling at people to shut the hell up. A good time was had by all.

Brenda: I was introduced to the art of Kris Dresen this weekend, and I am in love with the clean lines. SO FRESH AND SO CLEAN! We also caught a ride to dinner with Prism Press Grant winner Tana Ford, who is also very talented and kind, and keeps Justin Bieber as her co-pilot.


If you're wondering where Laura's convention recap is at, the truth is, it just didn't get much better for her than Paul Cornell signing the combat spoon. But we did have amazing chat sessions with Scott Snyder (of American Vampire and Detective Comics,) Gail Simone, and finally -- FINALLY!! -- after missing him at conventions prior to this one, we were able to meet up with Brian J. Crowley of Hamster Rage fame. He very awesomely was selling these Wonder Woman prints for Japan. We got a Spider-Man watercolor and a Brock Sampson watercolor from him, as well as copies of Hamster Rage.

C2E2 is definitely one of the best conventions out there. McCormick Place is an amazing convention center, Chicago is a great town, and ReedPop really knows how to put on a show. If you want to make your first comic-con something that will be fun and not too overwhelming, I highly recommend it.

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