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C2E2: I Have Brought My Biggest Combat Spoon

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If you haven't been reading Paul Cornell and Pete Woods' excellent run on Action Comics, you are missing quite a lot. However, in a storyline that features a robot Lois Lane and some of the best villains in the DC Universe, my absolute favorite thing had to be in issue #893 when Lex Luthor faced off against Gorilla Grodd. My friends can atest to the fact that I would not stop talking about how awesome Grodd's giant combat spoon was. I mean, it's a giant spoon he uses to eat brains. That's just brilliant!

Me and CBQ Chief Stevie D, who found the spoon at Pier One Imports

My love for this particular scene lead me to remark on Twitter not too long ago that I wished I had a giant spoon for Paul Cornell to sign. I never had any expectation of this becoming a reality, but fortunately, Stevie from Comic Book Queers is even crazier than I am and he bought me a giant fucking spoon. So yesterday at C2E2, we brought the combat spoon to Paul Cornell, and it was awesome. This is mostly because Paul Cornell is one of the nicest, funniest creators I have ever met, and he seemed to get a huge kick out of the whole thing.

By the way, Paul Cornell is also raising money for a local homeless shelter by growing a Beard for Lent. For 40 days he will grow an unruly beard that he will in no way tamper with until Easter. The money he raises is going to Shelter, a non-profit that helps the homeless in the UK. You should help him reach his £1000 goal!

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Best. Con. Autograph. EVER!