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Merlin: The Wicked Day
Oh, it's wicked, all right.
Merlin: The Darkest Hour, Part 2
Arthur sacrifices himself for Camelot... almost.
Merlin: The Darkest Hour, Part 1
Morgana unleashes a ghost army on Camelot.

C2E2: Like 18 Father, Like George Versa*


Usually the problem with open question and answer sessions at comic book conventions is that (and this is being extremely generous) about one in five questions from the audience is actually any good. Apparently an open mic can really make geeks nervous, and people get ridiculous and silly. It's why, most of the time, we'll leave a panel during the Q&A (unless you're Bruce Campbell and the whole thing is Q&A and he's making fun of you.)

So last night at the DC Nation panel, it was kind of shocking that 99% of the audience questions were really interesting and it was Dan Didio that was being goofy. It was all very Freaky Friday / role reversal.

128_0741.jpg Here you see Dan Didio announcing Bill Willingham's butler duties for Saturday (he lost a bet) and Didio picking a random person from the crowd to sit up on the panel.

(I should mention that the night I was packing for C2E2 I watched Bio Channel's very thorough behind the scenes making of special about Silence of the Lambs, and Ted Levine revealed that the big secret to his amazing audition for the role of Buffalo Bill was to "drink a lot of coffee." So pretty much everything this weekend has been about meeting expectations by overdosing on caffeine.)

It's as though Dan Didio's prep for DC Nation was to drink a lot of something or other, maybe watch a lot of Family Feud. He wasn't really interested in talking about upcoming projects, perhaps because he has a reputation for letting a lot more spoilers slip out than he's supposed to. What this panel was apparently trying to do was amp everyone up for Flashpoint, Wonder Woman in pants, and Superman Earth One (Again.) The silly questions mostly came from his side of the mic, like "Who likes comics?! LET'S CHEER LOUDLY FOR BRINGING BACK THE LETTERS SECTION!!! YAAAAAY! Also shut up everyone who doesn't like Wonder Woman in pants."

There was an excellent question about whether there would be a new Wednesday Comics, and Didio didn't answer yes or no, but asked the panel what they'd like to do if they could be in Wednesday Comics Part Two. Paul Cornell said Captain Marvel (and everyone on the panel pretty much answered that one for him, so it's apparently no secret how badly he'd like to write Captain Marvel.) Gail Simone said she'd like to write Batman with Michael Golden drawing. Scott Snyder said Wonder Woman, without the jeggings (which elicited much cheering from the audience.) But of all the answers, the most applause came when Bill Willingham said he'd like to write Detective Chimp, where each week he would solve a mystery (instead of one ongoing story.)

There were no big spoiler reveals (unless you didn't know that Wonder Woman is going to be wearing pants,) and even the previews for Flashpoint weren't anything that hasn't been seen before. On a panel that included Paul Cornell, Bill Willingham and Gail Simone, the person with the most interesting sound bites was Scott Snyder, who we will now declare here to be Currently The Most Awesome Person Ever.

For instance:

  • The first poster for American Vampire was Pearl standing on a heap of dead bodies saying "I don't fucking sparkle."
  • There will be more Arkham in Batman but just how much he didn't want to reveal.
  • He wants to bring more of the Batman family in to Detective Comics, because where Bruce Wayne is a loner, Dick Grayson is a team builder and embraces all the other Bat-characters

...see, we told you that Scott Snyder was awesome.

Some things about Flashpoint that Didio did reveal:

  • The one current title that will include a Flashpoint crossover is Booster Gold
  • You don't have to read all the crossover stuff, you can just read the main Flashpoint mini series and still get the whole story
  • There will be a "New DC World" built with Flashpoint
  • The "definitive Wonder Woman" will be a part of Flashpoint.

Personally, none of that excites me at all, although Laura says she really like Elseworlds stories and that is what is keeping her interested in the event. I'd just as soon never type the word Flashpoint ever again unless we're investigating an arson. Since I haven't seen Backdraft in a while, I'll just close with the best response of the panel:

Someone asked Paul Cornell whether he preferred David Tennant or Matt Smith, and his answer was "Sylvester McCoy." It was excellent. By the way, did we mention he's bunches of fun? And he signed Laura's giant spoon.

*If this title doesn't make sense to you, you haven't had enough martinis.

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