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King's Quest 3: Electric Questalee

"Stay out of my weed, mortal!"

(You know I'm running out of title ideas when I wear out the "something two electric boogaloo" joke.)

If you’re a fan of the old King's Quest adventure games, you might be happy to know that AGD Interactive, a fan group who remade the first two King’s Quest games with VGA graphics and a point and click interface, is releasing their final version of the game today. AGD Interactive has been covertly developing King's Quest III Redux: To Heir Is Human for the past eight years. Their aim has always been to modernize the original game while maintaining its retro charm:

"We're very excited to finally release this game after developing it in secret for so long," says Chris Warren, who co-founded AGD Interactive as well as its sister company, Himalaya Studios. "We've poured a lot of love into this particular project and I think King's Quest fans will be very pleased at the results, even though reaching the end may be bittersweet."

If you're interested in playing the newest version of the game, you can download it for free from the AGDI website. That's such a sweet offer, I might just spend my afternoon doing that instead of finishing this Mark Twain autobiography. I've never played the original (because I'm not much of a gamer), but I know a LOT of you have, and have a special place in your heart for it.

You can actually download all the new versions of King's Quest from the AGDI website, because the aim of ADGI is to bring these games to people who are genuine fans of the original game. King’s Quest I: Quest for the Crown is a straight remake of Sierra’s first King’s Quest game, with all of the original gameplay preserved. King’s Quest II: Romancing the Stones is a creative retelling of the second King’s Quest game that spins the original’s (fairly random) puzzles into a comprehensive story. All the games are available for both MAC and PC.

Now that they've released three games for free on their site, ADP is going to start producing new games for profit. So if you appreciate all the hard work they've done, and like their version of a game you used to love, maybe consider checking out Mage’s Initiation, their first original project.

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