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I (g)love Technology!


Previously on the site, I reviewed my capacitive stylus, and mentioned the "Aglove" in passing when referring to option B, as far as the wintry weather and your touch-screen device is concerned. Well, Aglove decided to send me a Valentine's Day present. They ran a special where you could get a pair of their gloves, some Belgian chocolate, and a little love note all packaged up in a red organza bag for your sweetheart.

The best news is, I got to review the gloves for you guys to decide whether or not you want to get a stylus, fancy gloves, or just try and stick it out the rest of this winter without being able to use your phone out in the elements.

Envisioned and created by Boulder-based outdoor enthusiasts with a scientific bent, Agloves are everyday knit gloves reinvented for a touch screen world. The Agloves team did not simply “improve” on existing touch screen gloves, but instead studied capacitive screen functionality to make an impressive new design.

Before, I was calling them "A-gloves", but once I realized “Ag” is the symbol for silver on the periodic table (with help from their logo, which highlights the Ag), I realized it's probably meant to be pronounced "agloves," all one word. No matter, the important thing is that at $18 a pair, they already are far more impressive than the expensive North Face gloves I tested last month.

You've probably also noticed they look like regular winter gloves. They're made with silver fibers weaved throughout the whole glove (not just on the fingertips), which gives them that kicky knitted looked (also an advantage, I thought the North Face "Tron"-like gloves were kind of dorky.) As far as using them with a touch screen, they work great, but so did the North Face gloves.

However, they're thin. You know the $1 pairs of mittens you can get at any drug store's bargain section? They appear thinner than that. The really surprising thing here is that they are extremely warm. Last week the mercury dropped to almost zero in Central Ohio, and these gloves kept me as warm as most of the regular winter gloves I already own. They probably won't help in sub-zero temperatures, but I don't know how many of you are going dog-sledding every day. (Hopefully you're not texting and mushing.)

If you have a super thick pair of super warm mittens that you love to use when handling giant blocks of ice in Alaska, the Agloves probably aren't going to outperform them in terms of warmth. But if you're standing out in the cold for several hours while out on a live shot and you need to keep up to date with what's going on back at the station, I have it on good authority that these will be perfect.

The developers of Agloves explain it this way:

Can lightweight gloves be warm? Yes. Silver-coated nylon evens out temperatures in your hand and traps your bodyʼs own heat inside the gloves. If you participate in outdoor sports such as skiing, we recommend that you use Agloves as a glove liner.

My one complaint is that they seemed to develop snags as soon as I pulled them out of their wrapping. However, this didn't seem to affect their performance. It's just an annoying cosmetic detail.

So, there you go. I love my new Agloves a lot more than my stylus. The stylus still has its functionality -- mainly being able to select all the tiny links my fingers can't seem to get to. For a midwest winter, though (particularly one as rough as this winter), Agloves are pretty awesome.

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Comments (3)

I must disagree with the "extremely warm" part. They don't do the job here in Chicago. So I wear them under a pair of thick gloves. If I want to use my iPhone or iPad, I take off the thick outer glove and still have some protection.

I contacted the Agloves people and suggested they do a thicker version, they replied that some people wear two pairs.

I'm still not convinced that would be warm enough.


I don't even normally wear gloves so I was really surprised at how warm they were. They do say to wear it as a glove lining if you're going to be out skiing or whatever, though.


These are definitely interesting.
Living in Minnesota, I have a tendency to wear 2 pairs of gloves - or rather a thin pair of gloves and a large pair of mittens - when it gets really cold, which is often.
I'll certainly have to check these out, even if they are a "lining" that I can reveal when need be and actually still be able to use my fingers and my phone, it's worth a shot - and more affordable at that!