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Last week when it was announced that British thespian Henry Cavill was going to be cast as Superman in the next Superman reboot, most of us went "Hunh? Who?" Then we Googled, and some of us became angry. He's got a beard! He's not cornfed Americana enough! So we've decided to put our responses down here on the blog, along with many, many, many photos of Cavill. Some with his shirt off.

Laura: The first time I ever saw Henry Cavill in a movie, I thought he looked like Superman. Well, maybe Superboy. It was The Count of Monte Cristo. He was still pretty young. The point is, there is something distinctly Curt Swan-esque about his face. And those bright blue eyes? Straight out of the pages of a comic book.

Laura: Here's my problem with Cavill: I am very uncomfortable with his level of sexiness. Sure every actor who plays Superman is very attractive. It's a requirement. But mostly, I just want to hug them.

Carey: I want to give Brandon Routh a hug. I think he got totally shafted by not being recast. I know people have issues with Superman Returns, but I liked it well enough and I was impressed by Routh. Maybe he was playing Supes a little too close to Christopher Reeve, but I didn’t mind. Routh had the right look and demeanor for Superman.

Laura: Routh just looks like a good hugger, and he has a nice voice. This is why I liked him as Superman. When I see Superman, I think hugs. I don't recall really wanting to hug Dean Cain, but he always had his arms crossed over his chest. It made him less approachable.

Carey: I’m all for sexy dudes. Since Lost has ended, I’m having a hard time finding sexy dudes on television and this hurts me.

Brenda: *cough* Justified. Supernatural. Sons of Anarchy. Merlin. Being Human. I assume Mad Men has Teh SexyTimes. Fringe has handsome fellas, even though it's not a "Sex! Sex! Sex!" kind of show. Even Smallville has Justin Hartley with his shirt off most of the time. I don't think you're trying hard enough, frankly.


Carey: Cavill is too sexy. Yes, there is such a thing. Cue your inner image of Chris Kattan playing Antonio Banderas on SNL. “No, no, stop, it’s too sexy!”

Laura: He is best known for a character he described as not being able to keep his dick in his pants. I don't want to think of Superman that way. I want to think of Superman the same way I thought of him when I was a little girl - with non-sexy thoughts.

Brenda: I am missing out on the rage this time around. He's just so pretty. I don't even know if he can walk or talk.

Carey: Superman is not an individual – he is an ideal. He’s DC’s equivalent to Captain America: Truth, honor, justice, and the American way. He’s an icon that transcends his individuality. While Supes doesn’t look exactly like he did from the Golden Age anymore, show anyone a picture from way back when and they will have no problem identifying him. Ideological icons are not sex symbols. I dare you to find me a lady who wets her pants over Uncle Sam. Gross.


Brenda: I think it's probably mostly women who oddly enough think Cavill is too sexy to be Superman. Most fellas took issue with Cavill being a Brit. Strangely enough, I had plenty of angry words about Daniel Day Lewis being cast to portray Abraham Lincoln, who is one of our greatest Americans, but then again Lincoln was an actual person.

Carey: This point doesn’t bother me a whole lot, but just enough that I have to say something. I get kind of picky about casting and nationality when a character’s national identity is a part of who they are. Superman fell in the Midwest for a reason, as opposed to either coast or the Deep South or any other country for that matter. Smallville is in America’s heartland and Supes represents the innocence and goodness of small town middle America where grandma still cooked apple pies and left them on the window sill, and no one even thought about fucking them. And now we have a British dude playing this strapping, corn fed, laser eyed freak. Go ahead and argue with me that Supes is an alien anyway. Yeah, yeah. But the fact that he landed in America is part of his legacy. There’s a whole What If? miniseries about what would have happened if he had landed in Russia – the worst alternative of all at the time.

Laura: If he can make himself convincingly sound like a Midwestern farmboy, it's a complete non-issue for me.

Brenda: That's pretty much my main concern, too. I wouldn't want him straining so hard to sound convincingly American that it comes out all Christian-Bale-Batman Can-I-Offer-You-A-Ricola? voice.


Laura: I will definitely be seeing this Tarsem Singh movie, Immortals, where he plays Theseus. Stupid, sexy Henry Cavill.

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"small town middle America where grandma still cooked apple pies and left them on the window sill, and no one even thought about fucking them." - Carey, this sentence is my favorite thing yet you've written for Geektress. And there's such truth in it.

I don't blame Brandon Routh. I always imagined Bryan Singer was hanging over his shoulder the whole time saying "You ARE Christopher ARE Christopher Reeve".

Yeah I thought Brandon Routh was fine. I would not have griped if they re-cast him. Now that poor excuse for a Lois...shudder.


Haha - thanks, Dane!