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Engrish Wednesday: Edition The Second

Photo from a Box of Botan Rice Candy. Check out The BRC Gallery for others.

It's Engrish Wednesday again! I honestly don't come across much Engrish in my daily travels, so I figured this themed entry wouldn't last past the first one.

But I was wrong!

Even though my ASUS EEE PC is pretty lightweight and sturdy (as a good netbook should be), I am continually shelling out a ridiculous amount per day at any venue I try to connect to the internet. (Wifi at conventions, airports, restaurants, etc., is increasingly NOT FREE AT ALL. Fuckers.) Since I'm already paying an unGodly amount to Verizon for my Droid phone to have unlimited data transfer, I thought it'd be fun to get a portable keyboard for it, to post blog entries directly from C2E2.

The Motorola Droid2D2 has a micro USB port where you can charge it with a computer (and transfer files back and forth), or put it in its little fashionable charger dock. Someone has already figured out how to hack in to the USB port so that it can be used for an external keyboard, or (if you're a podcaster), your ridiculously expensive YETI USB microphone. I found a regular USB to micro USB adapter, and this little rollup keyboard:


Unfortunately following the steps in the instructional (minus taking apart a charging unit and making a dongle myself with a soldering iron, which I feel was my downfall) did not yield results. I guess I won't be updating from C2E2, folks, unless someone can better explain to me how to get my phone in to USB Host Mode.

Not all was lost, though. The keyboard only cost $7 and IS pretty cool, so we're keeping it despite not needing it right now. It's made in China, as most things are, but the reseller here in the States didn't bother to try and de-Engrish the instructions. Witness:

(Click to embiggen)

Right off the bat, your favorite is probably the one about not putting the keyboard in the fire to roast. (A better way to do it is with a slow cooker, keeps everything moist.) My favorite, though, is how the keyboard DOES NOT SMELL EVIL, because it is SORT OF CREATIVE THAT WAY.

On the reverse there's a similar diagram, most of which makes sense even without the little graphics. But it still assures you the keyboard will hold its own in a sandstorm or in a laundromat. Also, just so you know, a featured characteristic is the "feeling soft comfortable."

Joking aside, if you have $13 (shipping was $5, almost as much as the keyboard!) and a need for an external keyboard that rolls up and "can be used for a damp environment, even inside shallow water," this is worth the money. It really is impressive. It's slightly smaller than a regular keyboard, and the motion of the keys being depressed is sort of weird (what with it being all squishy,) but when plugged in to our desktop it worked just fine. Plus, it was quiet. AND!

  • Various beautiful colors; The button bears to type 2 million times
  • The keyboard is applicable to office; hospital Classroom; workshop; network bar; laboratory; kid room; notebook PC; army; etc.
  • Surface can be washed and disinfected any time, so it can prevent the disease infection

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