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Touch-A, Touch-A, Touch Me


If you're like me and you're constantly injuring yourself (mostly your hands), or you live in the midwest or northeast, you know how frakkin' hard it is to use your touch-screen phone in the winter... or, at all. I'll admit, even without my bandaged fingertips, I've had a lot of problems navigating the menus on my Droid 2. (Though, a lot of the "freezing up" issues have been corrected since this post, because my replacement phone is working loads better.)

There are several new solutions to this problem. The latest invention is a special set of gloves that work with your capacitive screened-phone. Recently I tried "e-gloves" like these from the North Face, which are kind of silly looking. They do work nicely, though... the only problem is that most stores, even online, don't have the gloves in stock.


There are also many different gloves specifically marketed for the iPhone (though, one can assume they'd also work fine with a Droid,) like these from aGlove, that look more like actual winter gloves and less like leftover props from Tron. They're also more sensibly priced than the North Face gloves, which will set you back $40, while the aGloves are only $18. I have not, however, had a chance to try out the aGloves, so you're on your own to experiment with that.

I never seem to be able to function well with gloves on whether I'm trying to dial a phone or not, which is why I really wanted a stylus. A quick Amazon.com search for "iPhone stylus" turned up a brand called the "Pogo Sketch stylus." There were a lot of positive reviews, but generally when I'm searching for something, I look at all the negative reviews first. And most of the negative reviews said the tip on the Pogo wore down quickly and easily, and though it was twice as much ($15 compared to Pogo's $7.99 price tag), the Boxwave brand capacitive stylus was much sturdier.


So, I did what every good internet shopper does, and asked Cyber Santa for a silver Boxwave stylus, to match my Artoo phone. I've had it for a couple of weeks now, and I really like it. It has a round, squidgy end that fools the phone in to thinking you're using your fingertip. It's also surprising lightweight (I think it's hollow inside), and has a little dongle on the top where you can click it in to the headphone jack in case you're prone to losing stylus...es. Styli?

Some programs are more responsive to the stylus than others. I can't play Scrabble with it, for instance, because it keeps dropping the tiles in where I don't want it to. I downloaded a drawing app last night and it's a fun little app, but for some reason when I use my finger the lightest brush stroke is acknowledged -- with the stylus, I have to press so hard, I'm afraid I'm going to dent the screen. For dialing, web surfing, selecting those tiny links that I'm so inaccurate at hitting when I'm just using my non-mittened paws, the Boxwave stylus is a tremendous help. It may be, as a co-worker pointed out, "so totally 2005," but I don't care.

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Thanks for this. I've been curious about the stylus' myself. I don't seem to have the knack for the touch screen phone; either I'm pushing too hard or not enough and either way the screen goes crazy.

And as a Minnesotan, when in the winter I can hardly feel my fingers at times, it's good to know that there is another option!