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Star Wars Cookie Cutters IV: A New Set

For Christmas, I received the second set of Star Wars cookie cutters from Williams Sonoma, this one called the "vehicles" set. It includes the Death Star (which I think of less as a "vehicle" and more as a "holy shit killer space station!",) the Aluminium Millennium Falcon, a T.I.E. fighter, and an X-Wing with its wings sort of... un-exed.


Now, previously, on this blog, I reviewed the "characters" cookie cutters, and I also showed you a few things you could do with them (other than cookies.) The most popular alternative use (and yes, even though they are cool, the $20 a set price kind of necessitates using them more than normal cookies cutters to get their full worth, other than novelty worth,) was to make sandwich cut outs. I noticed recently in a William Sonoma catalogue that they now have Star Wars Sandwich Cutters. There are only two, a T.I.E. fighter (at a more recognizable shape than the cookie cutter,) and the Falcon, but they come in a "limited-edition vintage style tin", AKA a lunch box. They're still $20 though. (But who am I kidding; I will totally get these.FOOTNOTE)


On to the vehicles edition: You may remember my major complaint about these sorts of "plunger" cookie cutters what makes the fancy impressions is, they got gunked up really easily. I now keep a safety pin handy in the kitchen in case I need to clean flour and dough out of Yoda's face to keep my sugar cookies looking just right. In the process of making six dozen Millennium Falcons, I noticed that even though it was caked with flour, it still made a nice clean imprint. I don't know why this is with the Falcon and not the Death Star, for instance, which was a pain from the beginning. My only guess is that when you're baking with Solo, you're baking with the best.


So as far as mechanical issues go, they're pretty much the same as the previous set. My major complaints here are the odd shapes. The characters were straight-on images of Darth, Yoda, Boba, and a Stormtrooper. For some reason with the ships, they decided to take "action" poses or something. The Death Star looks alright, although it is Death Star #2 with the missing portion that makes your cookie look like it's had a bite taken out of it. The Millennium Falcon, depending on how rough you are with a spatula, can come out looking like a squished crab.

My main complaint is what the X-Wing looks like upside down.


Yeah. I'm not going to say it, you draw your own conclusions. Maybe my mind IS in the gutter all the time, I dunno. Okay, I have to say it: "X-Wing? More like X-wang, if you ask me!"

As with before, the cookies always look more impressive before they've been baked than after. I've found after using the characters over and over I really prefer just to make Yodas. I can tint the sugar cookie dough green, and get a clean imprint of his face. Plus, it's a fun shape, not really a traditional "cookie" type shape, but it's not so wacky you think you've stumbled in to a bachelorette party.


If you've got the cash to throw around, most of the Williams Sonoma Star Wars licensed stuff is worth the investment. (Not the "cupcake decorating" set though, that shit is bananas.) I was at the store with my mom when she bought me the vehicle cookie cutters, and the manager remarked upon how unexpectedly popular the Star Wars line has been for them. I really didn't know what to say to that other than "Duh?", so I just smiled and nodded. Hopefully they'll have the cookie cutters and the spatulas (and the pancake and sandwich molds, if that's the sort of cooking you prefer to do) around for a while, because they really are a lot of fun and very durable. I didn't mention previously, but you can unscrew the "handle" of the plunger, and (provided you don't lose the spring), take the cookie cutter apart to get it all washed thoroughly.


So, I checked out the reviews for the sandwich cutters. The picture is deceiving, apparently these things are so huge that two of them in the lunch box takes up all the room. You can apparently use a full sized piece of bread. Now I gotta buy these dang things and make mini Millennium Falcon pizzas.

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We have the original set of pancake molds and though it took a few tries to get it to look right, I've gotten pretty good at it.
(Though if you mess up Vader, he suddenly looks like a Storm Trooper, ha.)

I haven't convinced myself I need anymore of these, but I do look at them whenever I go into WS.

Millennium Falcon pizzas sound freaking awesome though!