I Can Has Science?

Merlin: The Wicked Day
Oh, it's wicked, all right.
Merlin: The Darkest Hour, Part 2
Arthur sacrifices himself for Camelot... almost.
Merlin: The Darkest Hour, Part 1
Morgana unleashes a ghost army on Camelot.

Reminder! Go out and dance!


No real news today, just a reminder that The CW is not airing a new Smallville or Supernatural tonight, due to the State of the Union basketball and a mayoral debate pre-empting their other shows in some markets earlier in the week. Unless you'd really like to live-watch the repeat of the new Nikita episode, you are free to go out and have fun tonight.

By the by, have any of you seen this Supernatural Fan Art Site? It's actually way less frightening than I anticipated. Also, in our lost podcast from last week ("File Corruption Error: Technology Hates Us edition 4"), Rania noted that she's really looking forward to the return of Supernatural to see what happens with Sam and the great Soul-Re-Attachening. I was indifferent. How about you? Discuss.

Sorry, I assumed it was because of the State of the Union because I work for a grown-up network that carries such things

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Alright, I'll start. Apparently I missed the promo for the new episode, which means I don't have any frame of reference for what I'm missing. Something about virgins?

Yes, there is a dragon that eats virgins, as all the best dragons do.