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Gotham High

Lil' Batman inspired Calamity Jon. Click to embiggen.

Yesterday everyone had the news that Jeff Thomas and Celeste Green had pitched an idea for a young Batman series. Much like Smallville, it would feature a teenaged Bruce Wayne growing up among the people who would later become his friends and enemies. Unlike Smallville, it'd be animated and have a sense of humor about itself.

The graphics they did for their spec series are really fun. DC liked the idea but it apparently got lost in a sea of other Batman-related ideas last year, and wasn't produced. But still, it's fun to pretend "What if?" After the jump, a classic email exchange discussion and some of the artwork for "Gotham High."

Laura: I'm guessing the nerdy girl with the glasses is Barbara, and the guy looking awkward around the tough looking chick is Bruce, which is the weirdest part for me. The tough looking girl is probably Selina, because of the leopard print.

Brenda: There's a key at the bottom, did you not see it?

Laura: No! I can't see it.

Brenda: I like the idea but only if it was presented as being sort of an Elseworlds thing, way out of continuity not meant to be canon. It could be fun.

Laura: Well, I don't think there's any way it could be considered canon. Batman is going to high school with the Joker.

Brenda: Yes, but I think you'd have to make it really clear for the fanboys that it's supposed to be fun. Otherwise THEY RUIN EVERYTHING.

Laura: They would ruin it anyway.

Brenda: Yes, the girl in the leopard skirt is Selina. And I adore the teenage version of Bane.

Laura: Who is the kid who looks like Jimmy Olsen?

Brenda: With the glasses and suspenders? That's Nigma.

Laura: Ahhh...that makes sense!

Brenda: I think after Bane my second favorite is that the art class kid with the dreads is Clayface.

Laura: I want to go back in time and make this cartoon happen!

Brenda: It's super cute, I think it'd work as an all-ages comic, too. I'd certainly pick it up.

Laura: A few years ago I probably would have thought it was the stupidest idea ever, like I did when they did it with the X-Men, but X-Men Evolution was great.

Brenda: The one image I disagree with is Pamela being a cheerleader. I think Barbara would be a cheerleader, possibly, but Poison Ivy is really anti-social. I don't think she'd be comfortable cheering for the football team. She'd probably rather work on the grounds crew.

Laura: Maybe Ivy is a cheerleader to get close to Harley?

Brenda: Possibly. But she wouldn't look happy to be there. She'd be like this one cheerleader I knew in high school that look constipated all the time. She was like the Kristin Stewart of pep rallies.

Laura: Hahahahaha! I am still simultaneously weirded out and amused by awkward teen Bruce. I don't think I'm going to get over it, or the little Bat-symbol he has like an alligator on his sweater.

Brenda: There also seems to be the implication that Barbara would be all jealous of Selina and Bruce, and I always pegged her for liking Dick more. I guess that'd be the problem with highschool Batman. Barbara and Dick would actually be in like, fifth grade.

Laura: Well, originally Barbara was introduced as having a crush on Batman, which was the interpretation they went with in the animated cartoon. Then, in the comics, she got de-aged significantly. Well, in the animated series she dated both of them, actually. Because Dick grew that hideous mullet. I assume that's why she dumped him anyway. I would have.

Brenda: Haha!

Laura: I imagine using Babs here has a lot to do with the fact that there aren't many well known non-criminal female characters in the Bat-books. Bruce needs a good girl to balance with all the bad girls.

Brenda: Also, it's disappointing that we don't have the band nerd represented here. I'm trying to remember if there were ever any musical villains they could use.

Laura: They could use the Music Meister from Batman the Brave and the Bold.

Brenda: That could work! At some point I'd hope all the lesser known, stupider concept villains would all be shown at least once as part of the high school, too. I would look forward to how exactly King Tut would be worked in.

Laura: They might not have the rights to King Tut, since Fox has the rights to that series (which is why it is still, stupidly, not out on DVD), but I would make King Tut a teacher, since he was a Professor who bumped his head.

Brenda: Weren't they originally going to make Smallville about Batman? And then they changed their minds for some reason.

Laura: That was going to be a different series. It's kind of not really like Smallville at all though. It's way wackier because all the villains are just walking around the high school with, like, lizard skin.

Brenda: Nothing is ever actually like Smallville if it has any self-awareness.

Laura: If a psychopathic kid went to my high school dressed as a clown all the time, he would have gotten sent home.

Brenda: I believe the plight of the Juggalos was addressed on It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

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I totally missed that Young Clayface was a potter before. Oh, glorious.

And because Brenda didn't want to give me credit, here's my pitch from way back in 2008 to do a Riddler-based high school drama. Plagiarism!



I love that cartoon. Black Canary please.


I meant Brenda's cartoon/strip.