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Comics Care Package #5


Our last comics & cookies care packages went out in December, and I think it may have even arrived in Afghanistan in time for Christmas, because I got the following thank you card in response:

Dear Brenda:

I recently got your package and I wanted to write you to tell you thank you. It really means a lot to me. Your Geektress website sounds great. I didn't know there were places or groups for females who were in to comic books and things. I can't wait to check it out. I've always enjoyed SciFi and other things considered "geeky" and being a female a lot of times I felt like I didn't fit in. So I think the website is really cool. I don't really have the means to listen to the podcast out here, but I'll have to check that out when I get back from my deployment.

Thanks again, God Bless,

SPC Heather VanHoose

That was so awesome I've decided to do another drive as soon as possible. The next shipment will go out to an Army unit deployed for four months already in Iraq (yes, there are still servicemen and women in Iraq.) They've asked mostly for comics, novels, cookies, and Pop Tarts. As far as comics go, I have the first story arc of American Vampire in single issues that I don't need anymore (thanks to Scott Snyder sending us a copy of the hardcover trade, which is beautiful. Pick it up if you're interested in catching up on American Vampire.)

As far as novels go, I always pick up a dozen or so paperbacks from the used book store, and I still have many cases of donated Girl Scout Cookies to send out.

What I really need is suggestions of trade paperbacks or current comics to buy and ship out. My comic book guy has recently expanded his store and has a lot of back issues I can go through, but it helps if I know issue numbers for complete storylines. ALSO! Any suggestions or reviews of Pop Tart flavors that are NOT strawberry or blueberry (they say that's all they have and they're sick of them), send them my way, too. (Twitter has recommended brown sugar and s'mores, pictured above.)

That being said, even though we do have a little cash left over still for shipping, if anyone wants to donate cash, be it $1 or $10, here is our Paypal button.

Most of all, I'd really like letters. Cards, emails, even little tweets like "Thank you from Bob Smith" are appreciated. They all go in the box with the treats and reads. Email me (bren at geektress.com) if you'd like our snail mail address for any back issue donations you have, or if you have an email letter you'd like me to print out and send.

Thank you so much for your continued support!

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Peoria is a big test market for new foods, so I don't know if you get these out by you but I can look for some. We have banana split poptarts that I've had to stop buying if I don't want to weigh 300 pounds. Smores are also excellent. We also have strawberry milkshake poptarts, but those are gross.


I've never seen the banana split one, so you could totally send me some if you want. I'm hoping to get this out before Valentine's Day at the latest.


Werd. I will go out this evening and see what I can find. I could send you a box for yourself as well. So tasty...


Writing a letter is one of those things I have always wanted to do, but just feel weird doing. I always think "what the hell do I say?" But this time I'll do it - I promise.

Also, we just cleaned out our bookshelves (to make room for more of course) and I might have some that I can just send to you, if that would be alright. If I find something worth sending I'll drop you an email.


Like I need to tell you all, but the Klingon Empire hearts u so much for this.

On the real though, if you ever want to talk trade paperbacks, I think most of you have Him on facebook. QAPLAH!


Thanks for taking action Geektress!

Dear Army,

My father served in the US Navy, and many of my family and friends have served during war and peace in the Army, Air Force, and Marines. We understand and appreciate your dedication, but I wish you could come home. I wish you didn't have to be in such far-away and dangerous places. I wish the world was full of peace, compassion, and understanding. Until that happens, know that we think about you. We care about your well-being and hope you are comforted, knowing that you remain in our hearts and minds.

God bless and keep you.

I'm picky on any non-cherry poptarts, but the Smores ones are darned good.