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You've Got The Touch!

(Saw this at Comics Cavern, but it's from ABCNews's "Popcorn with Peter Travers.")

Hey, kids! Remember Newsies? No? You suck. But seriously, Christian Bale starred in the greatest musical of my then-14 year old-life, Newsies. He apparently had been cajoled in to doing it by his manager and was unhappy the entire time. Which is fine, because for some reason (Spaceballs) I was watching Newsies mostly for Bill Pullman.

Anyway! Even though he INSISTS he'll NEVER BE IN A MUSICAL AGAIN!, he sings a snippet from his solo, Santa Fe, in the above clip. I think he's lying about never doing another musical. The giveaway is the two seconds he sings of Santa Fe are BETTER than in the ACTUAL FRAKKIN MOVIE. Add to that his new sassy Jesus hair, and it is CLEAR TO THIS GIRL that Mr. Bale is going to try and sidestep his reputation as a ranter by playing Jesus Christ in either Godspell or Jesus Christ Superstar, probably the latter if you want Laura to faint.

I've obviously had too many Christmas cookies today.

Also in the above clip: Marky Mark beatboxes, Bale sings some of The Powerpuff Girls theme (which is less amazingly awesome when you take in to consideration that he has small children, in fact he even admits it's what his daughter watches constantly), and Marky Mark sings "You've Got the Power." It's all very uncomfortable. Christian Bale appears to be talking to someone off-camera part of the time about beat boxing or, I dunno. It's all out of context. They could've all just smoked a bowl before this clip, WHO KNOWS?

Hey, on second thought, maybe Christian Bale can upstage Jack Black in a full-length remake of Mr. Show's "Jeepers Creepers: Semi-Star."

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You know why I think this really excites me? It's the thought of Christian Bale being forced in to doing the Batusi.

Also I'm going to be the first one to comment on ALL my posts FROM NOW ON.

NEWSIES! OMFG! I loved that movie. And I was sooo in love with Christian Bale. *runs off to buy Newsies off amazon*

Him singing Powerpuff Girls was great...but I was more interested in being in that sexy manwich of Markie Mark and Batman.

Oh but while you are ordering newsies...you should add Swing Kids to your cart as well...