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The Warrior's Way Includes Doritos

Some of you may want to actually go see The Warrior's Way when it comes out this Friday. I can't blame you if Tangled is sold out. Or Harry Potter. Or Black Swan. My point is, Kate Bosworth appears to be taking up screen time in yet another film, and we can only hope that she's portraying a mute barmaid or prostitute here. Because I think we can agree that talking is not exactly her strong suit.

That's why the clip after the jump is so great -- no dialog! If you're in to ninjas fighting it out in the Old West with the curious appearance of what I can only assume is Girl Pirate, then yay! Click the link! And just because I'm feeling generous, I'll include a picture of Geoffrey Rush as a cowboy, and Jang Dong Gun as a ninja cowboy. And... Danny Huston.

It's "red band" so it's going to ask you your birthday. If you can't fake it, you should maybe spend less time trying to see boobies on the internet and more time helping that nice Jimmy The Gent fella park cars, kid.

The summary of this movie is basically "a samurai gets bored and moves to America." That clip wasn't even particularly violent to me, but I guess that's what watching premium cable will do to a girl. Anyway, here are some posters and other assorted images!


Click to embiggen.

By the way, I'm not sure if the way of a warrior includes Doritos or not, I just think it should. If you read this entire post wondering where the nacho chips come in to play, haw-haw! ....Sucker.

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Curse my love of cheesy baked snack foods; I was fooled!