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It's the time of year when you reflect on the things you have, the things you need to change, and the people you love.

It could be a crappy Christmas, considering my husband almost blew up our house, and as a result I've been without an oven or a stove for a week. Laura hit a patch of ice and skittered backwards up a hill in her car. Because in her dojo you never say brake, she smashed the trunk in to a tree and now gets to pick out a new car. But we're both unharmed, and aside from having to pay a considerable amount of our own money, we get new toys. We can't complain too much, since so many this year are going to have to go without.

So, at Geektress, we have a lot to be thankful for, and many people who make our days a lot brighter. Here are just a few:

Our Family at Uproxx:
From Will (Robopanda) at Gamma Squad to Burnsy at With Leather (and the Uproxx blog), plus everyone at Filmdrunk. If you're not checking out the Uproxx stuff, you're missing out on a TON of hilarious content.

Our fans, friends, and family:
Kathy at Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab came through for us in a HUGE way this year. Whether it was donating some of their fragrances and accessories for our 100th podcast, to sending us a lot of web traffic for our charity drives, the people at BPAL are amazing. I personally recommend their soap if you see them at a convention or are thinking about buying online.

John Wiswell is a hilarious writer, so you should be following, reading, tweeting, facebooking, or stalking him. On the webcomics side of things, there's Luke with Moon Freight 3, and Christine's fantastic all-ages transgender comic, The Princess. Plus, don't forget Laura's bro Tony (who did our Geektress poster art) still regularly publishes Gapo the Clown, as well as being a major part of Detroit Fanfare.

Fellow podcasters!
Stevie and Patricio at Comic Book Queers have been so much fun to get to know! Expect more incestuous crossover in the future. We also can't forget Justin and Willie over at Geeks of Doom (formerly Geekland). Check out all their associated content, including Entertainment Overload, and Bite On This. (If you're a film fan or a Vampire Diaries fan, check out those podcasts.) It was so much fun getting to meet Alyrenee of the Undead America podcast at C2E2 this year, we hope we see more of her next year! We can't forget Carey's hubby, Dave, either, he's part of the fantastic Drunken Zombie Podcast. Last, but not least, everyone at Geek Syndicate, including Iz and Stace at Comic Racks, Richard with Everything Comes Back To 2000 AD and Dion at Scrolls. We were all to be part of the ill-fated Geektress Radio broadcast system.

Fellow Geeky Gals!
There's our newest friends, Nerds In Babeland; the Geek Girls Network (whom we've yet to catch up with), Sue at DC Women Kicking Ass (whom we HAVE met!), Dee at Girls Read Comics, Boobs, Booze, and Comics, and the ultimate Geek Mom (and fellow Cherry!) Corinna Lawson. May our geek powers grow exponentially in the new year. (And maybe for the first annual Girl Geek Con, as well.)

We hope you all have a great Christmas, and that 2011 will bring exciting new things. Much love!

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OMG I love you Gekktress girls, Comic Queers, Drunken Zombie husband and everyone else here! Love, love, love!


Thanks for the love, ladies! Merry Christmas to you, too!


Merry Christmas to you all. Just wanted to thank you for all the entertainment you've given us with your 'cast this year. (By the way, have you seen the comic they have at www.geeksyndicate.co.uk ? Would love to see a Geektress equivalent!)

Hey, just wanted to thank you for the shout-out. I'm incredibly lazy and couldn't respond before Christmas, but I hope you all had a fun one with plentiful hauls.