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SyFy Is Not Kidding


SyFy announced last Thursday that they're canceling Stargate Universe to focus more on the projects they're already producing. I didn't quite understand their press release, actually, but it unleashed a flurry of angry tweets. People are angry that SyFy is less Sci-Fi and more "Smackdown." People are annoyed that SyFy produces more reality shows about ghostbusters than scripted programming. People are just annoyed that their show has been canceled, and that Caprica was canceled, and, to be honest, I think people are still pissed at the re-branding to "SyFy."

By far the most amusing tweet was from the Death Star's PR department:

Yes, TV "isn't real", Stargate Universe "got cancelled" & we "definitely didn't" kill the Destiny's crew. UNRELATED: We have a Stargate now!

After the link there's some more info about Syfy's upcoming shows still in the creative stages.

In July, Syfy announced a development slate of seven scripted projects featuring both Lee Majors and Kevin Sorbo; the Sanctuary creative team of Damian Kindler, Martin Wood and Amanda Tapping; a space opera; an alien version of The Office; a dramedy featuring supernatural villains; and a single camera half-hour program about fighting zombies.

Click to embiggen.

To be honest with you, they all sound pretty terrible. For a while I had these cartoon sketches of each one and I didn't know what to do with them. They made me laugh, but Laura and Rania were both pretty disgusted with the pitches for all of these shows. So much so, even cartoon zombies just barely amused them. For instance, the above comic, based on the wrongly-spelled sitcom "Zeros."

When the zombie population of Marshall City overcomes the 30-foot barrier separating the infected people from the rest of the city, the Zombie Extermination and Removal Operations company (the Zeros) are called in to keep the peace. When they can get out of their own way long enough to focus on a case, they are pretty effective with very unorthodox methods.

It was the "getting out of their own way" bit that made me laugh, because my own way is the way of cookies. So there you go.

Another pitch was for a show called "Orion." According to the press release:

National Treasure meets Firefly in this swashbuckling space opera about an adventurous female relic hunter and her team as they hunt down -- and sometimes steal -- valuable and powerful objects to sell on the black market, all while staying one step ahead of the bounty hunters hot on their heels.

I don't know about you, but to Laura and I, it sounded like SyFy wanted to rip off Relic Hunter and put it in space. The mention of Firefly just reminded me of Joss Whedon saying that FOX thought Captain Mal was too much of a bummer, his response to which was to write the second episode of the season, the train robbery one, which also happens to be the only one I liked. But, FOX is notorious for screwing around with their programming, which led me to the following cartoon:

I call this: "Boobies! No, MORE boobies!.... THREE BOOBIES!" Yes, this one sucks ass, but then again it's harder than hell to draw skinny girls with big boobs. I have no idea where to put arms and shoulders. I don't know how professional comic book artists draw Powergirl, I really don't.

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