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David Ancell's wife came up with a way to make Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and Clone trooper snowflakes. The instructions are here, along with templates. When I saw these I got so excited I forgot what I was doing. I dropped everything to use my Christmas Stormtrooper spatula (which my mother got for me but didn't bother wrapping, just stuck in my tree) to make classic Star Wars decorations.

(These are Mrs. Ancell's snowflakes.)

UPDATE: My Stormtrooper template is after the jump, but completely new Wampas and Princess Leias are in there, too.


I was gonna attempt to make Darth Vader snowflakes in black, but (1) I ran out of black construction paper, and (2) I didn't like the way Darth's head was shaped in the final product. After fiddling with the Stormtrooper shape for a while, I got the final product you see above. (I used a hole punch for the eye and the uh, jowl-hole.)


You can shrink or embiggen the template to fit whatever size paper you have. I put really really big snowflakes at the bottom of my tree, and the standard paper-sized (8.5" x 11") snowflakes near the top.


I really love the idea that snowflakes are unique and special but these are snowflakes made from clones. Cloneflakes. Snowtroopers. Heh.

Have fun making your own Star Wars flakes, and if you run in to any trouble (folding the paper following the above instructions is kind of confusing), just leave a comment and I'll try and help.

The spatula, if you're wondering, is part of Wiliams Sonoma's ever-expanding line of Star Wars stuff. They don't have it on their website, but they do have the new vehicle cookie cutters, which I of course wanted simply for the Millennium Falcon. But also there's the Darth Vader spatula and the new pancake molds.


Click to embiggen

I got bored at work on Friday night and created this in my edit bay window:


At the same time, Geektress Sarah was noodling around with superhero snowflakes. She got an awesome Batman and Wonder Woman. (She's still working on the Superman. :D)

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I love it. I was going to say something else and I forgot. But two years ago, I got Dave a Star Wars toaster for his birthday, making me the best wife ever.


That is so awesome. I would be even more impressed if they were little Leia heads...

Can you do a variation that looks like Darkseid heads?

I can try and do Darkseid, but what to use for the center part? He doesn't have a logo, does he?

Unspeakably awesome. Also: Darkseid snowflakes are much needed.


How did you get 6 creases / triangles per square. I can only get 4 or 8 not 6.


First I looked at her folding template:

And saw about how big each triangle needed to be. I folded in half and then in half again, and then for the very first fold you just have to sort of guesstimate one third of one half. I futzed around with the second fold (which will produce the other two triangles) until everything evened up. Then you use that folded up side to get the triangle the correct size on the other half.

I suck at origami, but I put myself through college serving pizzas, so I just imagined it was pizza slices.

The hardest thing is knowing which way all the flaps go. The two outside folds fold "up" toward you. Everything else folds "in" until it's all tucked under the center crease.

I might add a video if it's as confusing for everyone else as it was at first for me. I have several snowflakes that are taped together because I folded out the wrong way.