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These Were A Few of Our Favorite Things

I don't have Oprah money, so I can't say at the end of this post you're going to find a rocket ship or a pony under your seat. What I can say is, this year was filled with awesome things, some of which we bought for ourselves, and are about to share with you... in the informational sense only. I wish I could give everyone reading this a set of Star Wars cookie cutters. Heck, I even tried to give everyone commenting here Star Wars cookies! But at the end of the day, you'll just have to look over what we have to say and then find yourself a sugar daddy or cougar to get you this stuff, if you're so inclined.


Brenda: The most awesome geek item I purchased this year were the Star Wars cookie cutters, even with a $20 Williams Sonoma price tag. But, since I've already discussed that, I'll just say that during Mid Ohio Con, when Laura and I ducked in to Tigertree, I saw this LED pocket lamp. It's slightly thicker than a credit card, you can slip it in your wallet or your bag, and when you need a fairly good reading lamp, it's right there. You could even conceivably use it as a bookmark if you want. But I happen to forget my booklamp constantly, and foolishly do not carry a flashlight around with me. For $5, I managed to pick up a pretty cute little functional bit of geekery.

(Photo by Dania, click to embiggen!)

Dania: My favorite Geek purchase this year is a tie; I managed to find the original trilogy of Star Wars DVDs at my local Walmart for $9. Not just any old ones, the ones with the bonus discs that contain the original theatrical releases. I bought one each of two of them, and a second one of my favorite for backup, just in case. Because if George decides that his next act of vandalism will be somehow permanently altering the original prints so that they become 3-D musicals in Smell-o-vision (anyone else think that George is bordering on becoming William Castle?) then I will never have to be without the version of Return of the Jedi that I spent all my allowance to keep seeing when I was 13.

But you can't play with DVDs, or more to the point for me, have fun photographing DVDS. You can do these things with action figures, and I love shooting toys. Therefore the other Geek purchase I love the best is my Luke Skywalker Empire Strikes Back Vintage Series action figure. He comes with a blaster and a belt & holster for it, an activated lightsaber and just the hilt of it. The face looks enough like Mark Hamill that I am pleased, and the color gradations and textures of his hair and fatigues are pretty impressive. Believe me, when I was buying these things the first time around, they were extremely primitive looking. The quality these days is amazing. I am very much looking forward to the Return of the Jedi Vintage Series Luke.

"Therapeutic Painting" picture by Schlotto

Carey: I love my Punisher Mighty Mugg. If I can't behave like Frank Castle every time I feel like it, at least I can dream. Also: I wish I could wear this t-shirt all day every day for the rest of my life. But that would be gross, and also doesn't go over well at the office. I think my spirit animal might just be a war kitten.

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