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Nine Nerds A-Knitting!


The other day, Geektress Francene pointed me at Nerd Jerk, an Etsy store with freakin' adorable knit toys based off of Super Mario Bros. characters. I like the little bomb that you see above, but since my favorite is Kirby, I gotta give it up for the Om Nom Nom Kirby toy.

There are plenty of knitty, nerdy projects on the internet, and whether you want to buy one immediately or you're looking for ideas to do a project on your own, we have a list of nine knitty things that make us laugh, swoon, and wish we were better at knitting. Most of the following things involve a free pattern you can download, if so inclined.


We have been overlooking Star Trek for a little too long. These are Federation potholders from Ilana at Off the Hook Astronomy. I think it's pretty good considering she's not a Star Trek fan. There's a pattern available at her blog.


On the other side of the galaxy (the part that's exploded), Wonderfallz came up with a terrific Cylon hat. If you're cold and you love robots as much as I do, it's the perfect project. If you're cold and you knit as slowly as I do, you should probably put on a different hat and get someone to knit it for you. There's a free PDF pattern at her blog.


Carey: Look at the evil cuteness! I was reading this blog where this guy is bitching because girls have made Cthulhu cute. But, I think cute Cthulhu is even more sinister. One would run from Cthulhu in all of his grotesque glory, but the cute ones will lure you in and the madness will seep in slowly.

Brenda: If you dig the Cthulhu above, there's a free pattern at Cthulhu Crochet. (I just noticed this is crochet, not knit. Don't flog Carey, the cutest toys always seem to be crochet.)


Moving away from toys for a bit, user Kaby at Craftster spent over a year making this Wonder Woman sweater. It's a fantastic interpretation of Diana's classic costume. She posted more pictures and instructions at the Craftster forums.

Carey: I love that WW sweater so much I might cry.


Carey: Longcat is loooooooooong!!!!!!! Beware the evil Tacgnol!

Brenda: Hee hee. I am not at all ashamed I had to Google Longcat, because I love reading the collections at Know Your Meme.

However! Rosalinda Miller created this hilarious Longcat scarf, with a free pattern for it available at her blog.


Speaking of scarves, Maria Korchagin created a Penrose diagram scarf for her boyfriend, a relativist. There is too much to 'splain, I'll let her sum up:

To those that understand relativity: it's a Penrose diagram of a spinning black hole in empty space. The colors are picked as if it's a blackboard - dark green background, "white", "pink" and "orange" chalk. The white is r=infinity, and the two colors are the two horizons.

To those that don't understand relativity: it's nerdy. It's a nerdy diagram of a black hole, done as a scarf.

Etsy user Carbonscoring has patterns for these Knitted Admiral Ackbars. The pattern is only $4, but you have to know how to knit in the round AND crochet, plus do some embroidery for the mouth stuff.


Finally, if Admiral Ackbar is too much for you, Etsy user FabiusMaximus has this T-Rex available for $28. You won't have the pride that comes from taking on a complicated project and seeing it through 'til the end, but you will have the joy that comes from buying something online in ten minutes and then having the rest of the night to drink and watch 21 Jumpstreet on Netflix.

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Dangit! I just noticed the Nerd Jerk toys are also crochet. Stupid crochet, being all cute and deceptive.


Stupid effing crochet.