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Marshmellow Friday: The Peep-Team

If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can manage to not bite their heads off, then maybe you can hire... The Peep-Team.

So, you may have seen my friend Eib kicking around on our Facebook page or the Tweeterses. (She may or may not have started SharonAStone, I dunno, depends on whether you don't understand fake Twitters or not.) She's pretty funny, and best of all, she has young children I can exploit. Recently I sent their family a marshmallow gun to try out.

Brenda: How did the marshmallow gun work out?

Eibmoz: It was great. But you really have to let the marshmallows dry out or they get all stuck and gunky. We found out the hard way, because ours weren't dry enough. But, it is all washable, so no biggie.

Brenda: Haha! So it didn't gum up the gun, it gummed up clothing?

Eibmoz: No, that was fine. It helps to have little dogs who like sweets. The mallows were gone before we could find one. It gummed the gun up.

Brenda: How many can you load at one time?

Eibmoz: You can load quite a few dry ones, less smooshy ones. Like ten.

So, there you go. Make Christmas truly weird, buy some marshmallow weaponry for your children. (Stay tuned for Eib's children's review of Battle Bands.) For more marshmallow-related relaxation, hit the jump link.

Have It Sweet Confections sells their array of different flavored marshmallows on Etsy. True, $9 for a box of 15 marshmallows is rather steep. However, they're flavored and they're cube shaped and they're homemade. Also, they're on Etsy, so you should expect a steep "one of a kind" charge. Anyway, flavors like marzipan, strawberry, cinnamon, and sugar cookie can only ADD to your wintry cocoa enjoyment, people. (And I may actually shell out some hard earned cash for their Cherry Walnut Nougat, too.)

The above photo is a picture of what has been coined "Peepshi" by people who definitely don't worry about diabetes. It's rice krispie treats, peeps, and fruit rollups. If you're like "Yes, please, I don't need my feet," then click here for a tutorial.

Far more entertaining than a sugar coma is the "what happens when you put a Peep in a hundred thousand watt microwave?" question. This guy Daneboe has lots of silly videos on his YouTube channel. This is one he made last year for Easter and I cannot wait to see SyFy turn it in to a major film. I'm crossing my fingers they can get Oliver Platt. He's obviously not busy if he can film 2012, the longest disaster porn flick in recorded history. (Seriously, was 2012 actually two thousand hours long? It felt like it was never going to end.)

Heh. I never saw Cloverfield, but I might have bothered if the monster turned out to be a marshmallow man. Marshmallow men make everything better, clearly. It's why I recently bought this TeeFury shirt by Scott Derby (who also has other "tattoo" inspired artwork.)


This was part of the 3G show (Ghostbusters, Gremlins, and Goonies) that ran at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. There are a buttload of awesome prints from the show available at 1988's website. Check it out! And have a Happy Friday!

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I forgot to mention that I haven't been able to wear my "Trap 'Em All" shirt because the first time I had it on I spilled fruit punch down the front before I even managed to leave the house. Seriously, I probably had it on for maybe five minutes before I ruined it. I need to stop buying light-colored shirts.


As another option you could laminate all your t-shirts.