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Engrish Wednesday: Enliven A Cartoon!


Have you guys heard of Botan Rice Candy? My husband just introduced it to me. It's the first candy I've had from Japan that wasn't like, squid, or prawn flavored. The outside is a "wrapper" of rice paper, which looks waxy but when you put it in your mouth, it dissolves. The candy itself is chewy and sweet, just like candy should be.

The best part, though, is that each box of five or six candies comes with a sticker. (Apparently they used to have prizes but stopped that a while back, probably during that lead toy scare.) As you can see by the two stickers above, you can either FROZE! or ENLIVEN A CARTOON! Oh Japan, I love you. Keep making freaky robots.


Anyhow, Engrish Wednesdays will probably become a "thing" here, like Marshmellow Friday. You can get Botan Rice Candy wherever "imported" candy is sold -- my husband goes to World Market, I like 5 Below, where everything is $5 or less. Or, you could order some off Amazon with your next wish list order:

If you get funny stickers, send us pictures! We'll include them with our next update.

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I want you all to know that because of this post, I've been singing "Enliven cartoons, enliven cartoons!" to the tune of "Cruella DeVille" all morning. THANKS A LOT, MYSELF.

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