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Marvel Superhero Squad!

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Yes. That is Red Skull as Captain America. Yes, it's pretty awesome. Yes, you get to see it if you buy Marvel Super Hero Squad: The Infinity Gauntlet. The game goes on sale November 16th (tomorrow.) It's available for Wii, XBox, Playstation, and Nintendo DS. We got a chance to play it at New York Comic Con this year, and by we I mean Rania (the only one of us that has any real "gaming" experience.) Since she plays Xbox, that's the platform she tried out.

I should note here that I shot video of this event, as well as a cool interview with one of the game's creators, but I'm an idiot and didn't have the microphone on or my filter to the right setting. So everything was blurry and silent. HOWEVER, I will state that not only is it hilarious to hear a tiny cute Hulk scream "SMASH!" every thirty seconds, it was also extremely amusing to watch Rania try and figure out how to make Iron Man fly. That is... when she remembers that Iron Man can fly. (First, he had to fall down a hole about 10 times before she was gently reminded by one of the "game handlers" that Iron Man can fly.)

But enough picking on Rania. If you'd like to see the trailer for the game (which is actually kind of funny, too,) more stills, and a brief review of game play, hit the jump link. And make sure to check out the game yourself.

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At no point did we get to play as Tiny Thor, but that's because we had to start from the beginning of the game. You start out as both the Hulk and Iron Man (if you're playing alone), and the game prompts you to switch between the two characters, depending on what sorts of tasks you have to accomplish. (Like, oh, flying across a chasm to lower a bridge for Hulk, perhaps.) There's a fair bit of problem solving and puzzles right off the bat, so it's not just a Hulk Smash, Iron Man Blast kind of game.

I assume as the game goes on it gets even more challenging. Like most "kid's games," it's actually a lot harder than it looks. And since you can play with up to four players, I think this game will keep more than just your kids occupied, if you're looking for something new on family game night. For a better look at different aspects of The Infinity Gauntlet, check out the trailer:

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I'd like to see you ladies playing Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Maybe a tournament?