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Mimobots Turn 5!


Mimobot started selling their "designer" USB flash drives at San Diego Comic Con five years ago. Any convention they think is cool, they bring their show on the road. But if you have never seen them at a con, or can't make it to any of the major conventions, you can always check out their online store, or, check out MimoZine, their digital magazine that looks at pop culture, the environment, technology, and anything else they think is cool.

While at New York Comic Con, I got to talk to Alec Gross, who's a content producer for MimoZine. He showed me some of their more popular drives, and introduced me to The Original Villain Network -- friends of theirs who were spinning at the Mimobot booth all weekend. Among the licensed characters like Star Wars and Hello Kitty, there were original artist designed drives -- from Super Suck Lord of the Villains Network to illustrators like Gary Baseman and Dino Alberto.

After the jump check out my interview with Alec, a little of the Villain Network, and some of the Mimobots offered at NYCC. (I got a C3PO to match my new Droid2D2.)

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Mimobots can run you anywhere from $25 (for the 2 Gig versions) to $80 (for a 16 gig). They're having a 25% off sale now through Halloween. If you don't need a USB drive but like the artwork, you can always snag one of their accessories, like iPhone skins, stickers, or toys.

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