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Merlin: The Wicked Day
Oh, it's wicked, all right.
Merlin: The Darkest Hour, Part 2
Arthur sacrifices himself for Camelot... almost.
Merlin: The Darkest Hour, Part 1
Morgana unleashes a ghost army on Camelot.

Marvel Television/Avengers NYCC Panel


New York Comic Con's Marvel Television panel was just one big screening of the two part pilot for "The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes." That was pretty awesome, especially since panelists Jeph Loeb, Joe Quesada and Arune Singh stated right at the top of the panel that they had nothing to announce on the live action front, but that "fingers crossed" they would within the year. They were taking it slowly to get it right, like they did with the films. (I will ignore the fact that before I even got home from NYC, news hit about Hulk and Cloak and Dagger series, for now.)

I don't think I'm qualified to offer a review of the episodes, mostly because there was some guy's giant head in my way, so I missed some stuff. I will, however, give you the mostly non-spoilery notes I took while watching, in preparation for the premier this Wednesday, October 20th, at 8:30 PM EST on Disney XD. Click below to check them out.

• Decent Robert Downey, Jr. impersonation by whoever is voicing Iron Man. Crap Paul Bettany impersonation on J.A.R.V.I.S.
• This theme song is awful and whiny.
• Thor is a stalker, but a funny and cute one.
• Two chicks talking! Impressive! Oh, and there’s Black Widow too!
• This dude in front of me has a really big head.
• Prison break! So this is like Bendis’ first “New Avengers” story arc?
• Thor drinking lemonade is apparently hilarious.
• And so is Hawkeye calling someone a “dirtbag.”
• Red Ghost and the Super Apes!!!!!!!!!!
• Ant-Man and Wasp are cute.
• The hair looks a lot better than it did on “Wolverine and the X-Men.”
• This is just super villain nerd porn.
• Who is the voice of The Leader? Driving me nuts…
• I’m really looking forward to seeing this without this head in the middle of the action.
• That is Maria Hill. Cool.
• I bet this cliffhanger would be a lot cooler if I knew who this villain was.
• Ooooh, that's who it is. Still no clue.
• I don’t think I needed that much of an explanation, but thanks, show.
• Seriously, I’m embarrassed for this theme song.
• Oh, it’s even called “Breakout.” Way more exciting than “New Avengers” though, but could use Luke Cage.
• Bruce is like his imaginary friend now? Weird.
• Wasp is fun. Love her.

My notes dropped off during the second episode. It was more exciting, and I was more interested in watching than taking notes. I think it’s going to be really awesome without a giant cranium in my way. To give a slight review of what I saw, the show looks a lot better than I thought it would when I saw the original promos for it, and better than "Wolverine and the X-Men," which is the quality I was expecting. I still don't think it looks as good as it could though. I don't know why, but Marvel has never been able to match the quality of the DC cartoons, or even "Spectacular Spider-Man." The movements were a little stiff. Also, I don't like the way Iron Man's armor looks. All those lines are distracting. However, it was entertaining enough that I didn't mind. I did realize just how big a nerd I am not though, considering how many of these characters I didn't recognize. That actually made me pretty happy.

After the episodes were done, Jeph Loeb said a few things that were pretty uninteresting, mostly telling us that we should check out the Marvel Anime panel (which I did not). He might have said something interesting after that, but no one was paying attention. The panel ran long and we all had to rush off to the panel for the Green Lantern cartoon.

Since then I've also watched the 20 micro episodes that serve as a kind of prequel to the pilot. If you didn't catch them on Disney XD this past week, you can still watch them online. Supposedly, you can see them on Marvel.com, but I couldn't find them there. I found them on the Disney XD Avengers show page. The viewer gave me some problems though, and you will want to watch them in the reverse order than they will automatically start playing, which means you should watch "Iron Man is Born!" first and "The Big House" last. I got halfway through before I figured that out. These micro episodes were really fun and provided a lot of background information that added to, but was not necessary for, the pilot. It seemed as if a lot of plots were being set up, with a ton of characters. I will be incredibly impressed if they can balance everything, and do it well, over the course of the season. Things seemed to tie together really nicely though, and I love that there is a strong supporting cast outside of the Avengers. For now, my only real complaint, is that they have Captain America fighting HYDRA during World War II instead of Nazis. That was jarring and weird.

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