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Happy Wonder Woman Day!

Art by Dave Hoover. Click to Embiggen

Today is not only my birthday, it's the fifth annual Wonder Woman Day! It's celebrated in Oregon and New Jersey, but lately it's also been celebrated all over the interwebs. For instance, just check out the various auctions up at eBay to benefit Bradley Angle, an organization that helps victims of domestic violence.

In the last four years, $89,000 has been raised. This year they're trying to break the $100k mark. So, check out some of the things that are open for bids, like the custom Wonder Woman My Little Pony. If you're in the Portland area, stop by Excalibur Comics for various signings and the silent auction of even more artwork, or stop by Comic Fusion in Flemington New Jersey.

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Comments (1)


Love that artwork!

I've always wanted to go to the WW Museum but never made it, though I lived on the west coast for 14 years. One day...ONE DAY!

Also - happy belated birthday!