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Comics Care Package #3!


With the spoils from our Burgers & Cupcakes donations, we are sending out our first shipment to Afghanistan. There's an Army unit from Kentucky that's asking for "Anything. Anything at all." With no PX and not much but their laptops to entertain them, we're sending them a box full of your donated trades (Some of you really stepped up -- check out the hardcover Akira, awesome), plus some Girl Scout cookies, paperback novels, and DVDs (I assume everyone loves Caddyshack, right?)


If you weren't at our party and would still like to help out, here's our donate button. The first 12 people to donate $20 or more will get a grab bag from our shindig (which contains goodies from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab plus some Geektress swag,) and a few other surprises. Thanks to everyone who donated today and helped rid me of all the extra BPAL grab bags! My house was starting to smell like Hellboy. :)

Also, because someone asked, our privacy policy is that if you give us any of your information, we do not give that out to anyone else without your permission. Partly because we have no idea how that works, but mostly because that's annoying.

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Comments (8)


Fuck me sideways, that's Caddyshack II. NEVER GO SHOPPING WITHOUT YOUR GLASSES. There will be an emergency trip to Target this afternoon to correct this mistake. Sorry, Jackie Mason, but, you know. Jonathan Silverman.


Thank God for Target. I wouldn't want anyone in a war zone to be stuck with just Dan Aykroyd's impression of Bill Murray.

Also, thanks to Ashley, we're down one goodie bag with 11 more to go!


Can't donate from the Donate page. WHen I click the Update total button, nothing happens.


It worked for me but it took a while for the page to load. Maybe Paypal is having troubles today.


I, too, can't access the donate page. Paypal tells me there's been an error, and the transaction doesn't go through.


Ahem. Nevermind! It worked this time.

Suzanne Johnson:

I just donated $25 :)

This is awesome, I'm really happy to be able to help!


I think I managed to donate...

Thank you for what you are doing. We appreciate it. We still have family over there.