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Sharktopus! The Online Event!

SciFi (SyFy) airs new or original monster movies pretty much every weekend. This Saturday (September 25th), they're airing Sharktopus (it desperately needs an exclamation point at the end). It stars Eric Roberts (awesome) and is produced by the legendary Roger Corman (honorary Oscar.) So we're planning on liveblogging the event, which starts at 9pm EST (Eastern Standard Time.)

Sharktopus is about a research scientist (Eric Roberts) and his talented daughter who develop a secret military weapon – a hybrid shark/octopus that can be controlled by electrical implants. But when the controls break down, the monster goes on a killing rampage at the resort beaches of Mexico.

Do you need any more incentive to stay in this Saturday and chat with us about it? Then after the link, check out the trailer and some more stills of the Sharktopus eating a tourist.

....C'MON. The Sharktopus BLOWS UP A BOAT. There is nothing so important this weekend that you need to miss this event. Postpone your own wedding if you have to.

SHARKTOPUS! looks like an angry squid. So bookmark the chat room and come commentate with us.

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Comments (11)


Roger Corman is a hero.


Oh. My. Dog. This may be the greatest thing ever. At least since Mansquito. But remember: greatness comes at a price.


Curse you, Rivers Cuomo, for only wanting to make out this Saturday night. I would have postponed my own wedding, but not Weezer.


I know that I don't need to express to you how awesome this looks.
I only wish that we had cable so I could watch this and join in the chat. Sad.

I think I need to find somewhere to watch this.


Actually, so do I! We considered telling everyone to DVR it and watch it another day, but usually people aren't working on Saturdays like me.

I should note that SyFy appears to be putting their original movies online after they've aired. In their entirety.


I used to think that Eric Roberts was a total fox. That alone is reason to watch this.


seriously. What the hell is wrong with SyFy and these 'original' monster mash of movies based on (largely the shark) and other creatures? O.o

Do they bring in large viewership? Cost less than a commercial played in Prime Time to make? Draw in large amounts of C list and lower actors like a moth to a flame?

Why AND how do they keep making these movies!!??!?!? O.O


Because B-Movies are fun and sort of a lost genre? I like that they're trying to bring it back. And having Roger Corman produce only reinforces that intent, I think.

They make them because they love us, Michael. They make them because they love us.

(Or what Brenda said.)


Sorry girls, I just don't get them. :(

I mean, maybe if Comedy Central or USA or like SHOTIME Z (or something) made these things, but SYFY? I didn't think these were the types of movies that they were thinking of with all of their rebranding their channel and all...but maybe it was?


If you don't get Sharktopus, all that means is there's more Sharktopus for meeeeeeeeee!