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On Second Thought, No Boobs Is Okay


Apparently everyone knew about this on Tuesday, but I didn't find out about the Hostess / DC teamup until I picked up my issue of Birds of Prey on Wednesday.

I'm talking about this:


More specifically, this:


Uh... no. Listen... DC? Warner Brothers? Idiot Marketing Company? I get where you were trying to go, here. "Sno Balls" are fun because they look like snow balls, and the words "snow balls" evoke images of winter, and Christmas Break, and fun.

"Glo Balls," on the other hand, bring up images of irradiated testicles. Then I think of the Hulk... in a bad way. I realize I'm being childish and silly, but there you go. I am relieved that the lady components of DC are being left out of this particular campaign. I would hate to see what sort of female character would sponsor Ding-Dongs. (Harley Quinn?) Or Ho-Hos. (The Huntress? Yes? No? I'm being mean.)

Aside from the horrible name, who wants to eat green blobs of snack cake? Pink, yes. Lime green? Whoa.

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Yes, I figured there was a dirty term for "snow balls" because there's a double meaning for everything these days, even glass bottomed boats.

But that is the best I've ever drawn Wonder Woman, I think. I feel so good about this I'm going to have a few beers in celebration.

Candace :

While I'm in too much shock to even think about this abomination or ponder who will be representing the Twinkie, I did want to say that I do quite like your Wonder Woman.
I love her expression too, makes me giggle!

I feel as though Globalls are wrong on many many levels.


It is taking all of my willpower not to urban dictionary or google "glass bottomed boats."


It also occurs to me that no one has made a 'twinkies' joke. The Batman connections are obvious.


I think more than twinks, I think Batman likes power bottoms, which I'm pretty sure aren't snack cakes. Oh, wait, maybe they are.

I feel like there's something wrong with us, not the product, for "Glo Balls" making us think of irradiated testicles. There are bouncy toy balls that glow in the dark. Instead we're thinking of the Hulk's junk.

I read this. Thank you.


Like Flash Cakes are any better, lol!