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Needs More Boobs


The above graphic is fake. Well, not fake. I mean, it exists. I know it exists -- I made it. But it's not "official," which is why the "DC 75" part looks like ass -- I don't actually have DC's trademarked logo.

DC / Warner Brothers had a 75th anniversary graphic made up for their Zazzle store, so people could put it on hats and skateboards and underwear. It features the Flash, Superman, Batman, and Green Lantern in silhouette. It's okay, but it's pissing off some Wonder Woman fans. The DC Women Kicking Ass blog already has 460 signatures on a petition, for instance.

As Laura has pointed out, you can't make a lot of noise about there being a DC "Trinity," and say Wonder Woman is "iconic," and say the trinity of Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman is "iconic", and then leave her off your logo celebrating your iconicness. Is she not really as important as you want to pretend when you're trying to sell comics? Or did it look weird to have a superheroine that's taller than all your dudes?

Is DC ashamed of their boobs?

I can rationalize why DC would include Green Lantern -- he makes them a lot of money right now and his logo on a graphic that's presumably going to be used to try and move merchandise only makes sense. Of course, to include Wondie in the group would mean they'd have to kick off Flash, and he looks so good in silhouette.

Originally, I was indifferent to the all-dude logo. But once I started doodling with an all-female logo, I decided I liked having two different versions. If you put Wonder Woman on the real graphic, she's there, but then you don't get Batgirl (my favorite character), or Supergirl. You don't get Black Canary, who's important because she's not just a "girl" version of one of the guy superheroes, she's totally her own "thing." (Laura would like to point out here that Dinah is Golden Age. She should be included in a 75th anniversary celebration.)

I'm greedy. I want it all.

Wasn't I the one who pointed out this recent JMS Wonder Woman storyline could have been made in to a miniseries on the side in order to sell more Wonder Woman books? Yes. Would two versions of their promotional logo presumably sell double the merchandise (for the completists among us that would require having both)? Also maybe probably possibly yes. Why am I not working in DC's marketing department? Because I don't want to live in New York. Also, no one asked me.

If there's anything I've learned from trying to sell a bunch of old junk in my basement on eBay, it's that the buying public will pay $20 over the asking price if it means free shipping, because they can't do basic math. But also, it's that more of something means you sell more. I don't know how that works exactly, but I'm still convinced that if there was a spinoff Wonder Woman title where she's a 90's teen superhero in pants, people would've shelled out twice to read both. Especially if someone creative could've weaved both storylines together. I think they call that a crossover event. (Maybe you think a character crossing over with herself is dumb, but I would like to point out that this whole storyline is goddamn stupid in the first place, so what would it have hurt?)

Do I think DC will actually make an all-female version of the logo? No. That's why I spent all night tinkering with the logo above. If I wasn't afraid of being sued, I'd print it out.

Kelly Thompson from CBR disagrees with my inclusion of Black Canary, but I like keeping it all in the heroes category. I love Catwoman but I already have one pair of "ears" here. Plus I liked the idea of the fishnets not being in silhouette. I don't think it's setting feminists back or anything like that. I just think it's neat. I can't pull off fishnets. Not many women can. Dinah can, and she can also kick your head off. Advantage: Fishnets.

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Silly. Girls don't read comics.

Seriously though, that new logo looks really good. And I can see why the "real" logo is pissing off some people. Anyone who thinks of the big names in DC automatically think of the "Trinity," and yet, no Wondy?

What really surprises me is how clueless DC is, or maybe pretends to be. When they were making this logo, did even one person say "you know, our fangirls are kinda bigmouthed. Don't you think they might cry foul if we left off one of the three biggest titles we produce, and you know, it also happens to be the woman?" Either a)DC is really that stupid or b)they aren't really that stupid and counted on that fact to create its own publicity--a way to sell WW without having to sell WW. Maybe they're trying the "new Coke" method of publicity, and are trying to get people to defend WW after all the bad press her new hotpants got.

Or maybe they're that stupid and I'm giving them too much credit. I hope not. I prefer my villains in the "Evil Genius" variety. ;-)


I will not countenance anyone questioning Black Canary's importance, as I believe that DC comics was only established in preparation for her explosive 1947 premiere in Flash Comics (so titled only so that her debut in #86 was even MORE of a surprise. Otherwise I'm sure it would have been Black Canary Comics).

As a side note, Canary has had (sort of) a few logos, but they were rarely used and, you know, they stink so they never caught on.


There's no way Black Canary would be deserving of bering included in this. But my take in general is this feels very forced as a whole simply bc a website not even DC kept WW off a logo.

The only women that should even be in the discussion at all would be WW, Catwoman, Batgirl, Supergirl. That's it.


Well, alrighty then.

I was really expecting more angry eBay-related emails.


Modern Catwoman is a fun-loving antiheroine. 75-year-anniversary Catwoman is a low-grade villain who recently became a (sort of) heroine. There are no villains, low-grade or otherwise, on the male 75th anniversary logo.

Black Canary belongs on there despite not being iconic outside of comics because, apart from Wonder Woman, she is the only female heroine mentioned here that wasn't invented by basically crazy-gluing boobs on a male character's costume and calling it a new character. I'm not saying that Batgirl and Supergirl didn't then BECOME totally awesome, independent and iconic (they did), but their genesis is very different. BC was created as a supporting character in a male's storyline (Johnny Thunder) and then ended up taking over his spot in the book and kicking him out altogether. All while wearing pirate boots. And if you want to get technical she has been in more individual comics than Supergirl, Batgirl, or Catwoman. Obviously Supergirl and Batgirl are iconic in a way BC isn't. That doesn't mean she doesn't belong on a DC heroines logo.

I'm not sure what you mean by "But my take in general is this feels very forced as a whole simply bc a website not even DC kept WW off a logo," but it does not detract from Black Canary's awesomeness nor the outrage you have elicited by questioning Dinah's majesty. Let's not break the internet in half. I need to check my e-mail later today.

Fuck yeah, pirate boots!


Yeah, it's crap. DC has been doing this for a while now, ramping up the GL character for the movie. But they seem to think that putting him up there, also means that they have to leave someone off. That someone being WW. It's odd decision making....


Apparently it wasn't DC itself that released the pin with that particular logo. They licensed out to Zazzle. That makes it a little better, but it still means that the incompetence is in PR and legal. They need WAAAAY better message and brand control.


...in fact, given that you can customize stuff on Zazzle, one COULD print up materials with the Geektress version of the logo...


I'd like to discourage anyone from doing that as I would be the one to get sued.

Brenda (Shisho):

Are you sure? Because to hear DC talk, they don't really care what Zazzle does! ;-)

And I like your logo better anyway.

Shakes head in sadness at DC...


It's about the Green Lantern movie and the stupid WW costume issue. They want to include GL to keep buzz around the flick and probably couldn't agree on whether including the classic costume insults the "new" (cough*temporary*cough) one. Ugh.

Great template for an alternate logo, though!