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Kitty Makes Bendis Scared?


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Being the crazy cat lady that I am, I meant to write about MRVLCATS last week, but my day job (which is sadly not comics related at all) has kept me busy ‘round the clock. I would say “The Man” has been keeping me down, except I work for a non-profit.

At any rate, last week, MRVLCATS took over Twitter in a glorious costumed feline revolution that made me delirious with teh cute every time a new one popped up. Eisner Award winner Chris Eliopoulos and Geektress favorite Katie Cook started the whole thing and many other famous names in comics took part, including David Peterson (Mouseguard), and Skottie Young (Wizard of Oz).


There was, however, one notable sourpuss in regard to these adorable shenanigans: Brian Michael Bendis. He very publicly and angrily shot down MRVLCATS via Twitter, and I now refer to him as Bald Angry Guy, as opposed to Bald Crazy Guy (Grant Morrison) and Bald I Want to Have Your Babies Guy (BK Vaughan). Examples:

ok, i'll be the one. #mrvlcats makes me want to punch someone in the fucking face!! stop it!! stop it right now!!

Marvel cats is why alan moore hates us

Marvel cats caused the oil spill

Marvel Cats directed the matrix sequels

Marvel Cats turned randy quaid crazy and put cocaine into lohan's hoo hah

And so on and so on…

I’ve met Bendis briefly, and he was nice. He’s hilarious at panels, especially when talking trash about Mark Millar. He seems to have an okay sense of humor, so why is he so angry about MRVLCATS?

I have a theory.

A lot of men like cats. My husband was a cat in a former life and still behaves like a rather large one now. A lot of men also hate cats, and I sure as hell have never met a man who is in favor of putting clothes on a cat and I have been told on a number of occasions that if I ever do this to the three who live in my home, I will need to find a new domestic partner.

Many men have drawn MRVLCATS and think they’re great and funny and cute. But I think maybe Bendis has had some sort of cat in clothing related trauma in the past and in this case cannot separate drawn cats in clothes from reality. Perhaps he was molested by The Cat in the Hat as a child. Maybe I might feel threatened by a cat in bondage gear with a flaming skull for a head… but probably not. I’m all for cats in clothing of any kind. In fact, my ideal Halloween costume would be to dye my hair purple, go buy some army boots, and dress my cat Moo like a dinosaur.


I like the MRVLCATS and perhaps the reason I don’t understand why Bendis is full of hate is because I have the opposite problem as him. I feel that all cats should be dressed as heroes all the time. I suppose it’s a good thing I love my marriage more than I love Frank Castle…

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I only rejoined Twitter the other day, so I haven't seen too many Mrvlcats other than the ones reposted on blogs. Has there been an Iron Cat yet? I think the series is really cute and fun overall.

My boyfriend jokes about dressing up cats, but I don't think he has ever done it.