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Marshmellow Friday The Second!


A while back, I was feeling upcheered by a bunch of marshmallow-related items, and realized that marshmallows are totally my comfort food. Which led me to create Marshmellow Friday, where I share all the stuff that makes me happy.

For instance: My Mr. Sta-Puft pencil sharpener. Which just makes me think of the Stay Puft Caffeinated Gourmet Marshmallows at ThinkGeek. Mmmm.... alert mellow... Anyway, they're actual marshmallows, square shaped, and full of caffeine for some reason. (I've seen non-caffeinated versions.) Plus the box is a keepsake. I gotta be honest, I'd buy them just for the box.

Remember Marshall Mashumaro? He was the little marshmallow fellow I purchased at C2E2. (If I see him at NYCC I'm totally snapping up a second one.) Well, he's also part of a Flickr Pool that includes awesome photos like the one below from the manufacturer.


Alicia Traveria had an Empire Strikes Back themed birthday party, and there were a bunch of cleverly named treats, plus a few new ones. Amongst the Yoda-ritas, Bossk Balls (a cheese-and-olive appetizer), Mynock Munchies, Nug-Naughts with Molten Carbonite Mojo sauce, and Tauntaun Bonbons (fantastic), there were these. The Wampa Puff:

As you can see, with a little buttercream icing, you can repurpose the Halloween-ghost Peep. Such a clever idea. Check out Alicia's blog when you get a chance, all those recipes are available there.

So anyway, I like cereal and everything but cereal marshmallows aren't the same as a good Peep or spoonful of fluff. But for those of you that are in to those little desiccated lumps of "marbits" (their official name), you're in luck! There's now a site called, of all things, Cereal Marshmallows, that sells cereal marshmallows. They also sell diet supplements. I am not lying.

Better than shriveled purple horseshoes is marshmallow weaponry. Now, at first, I was all "Hooray, a marshmallow gun!" They're manufactured by the "Marshmallow Fun Co.", and when I clicked on their page at Amazon, I spied something even better:

Marshmallow Crossbow.

Now, sure. If you watched that demo, you noticed it only fires one marshmallow at a time, and they never show any of the kids getting beaned in the head while they reload. I also notice none of those children was carrying a grotty bag of marshmallows with them, meaning that shortly after the video ended, the other children held their faces in the dirt. I have a solution, though. "The Marshmallow Bandolier." It would totally complete the Chewbacca look, and it could be eco-friendly by making them out of licorice. Start a candy war; eat your artillery.

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Comments (7)


I am officially a fan of Marshmellow Friday. My sister in law and I had a conversation last night all about marshmallows.

I see people with those homemade marshmallow guns at craft fairs all the time. And yes, only one at a time. Surely there is a way around that!


I love marbits, but hate the real thing, except on a s'more. Mmm... shrivelled sugar things in cereal...


I made these the other night - not all pink though - just with milk chocolate and they were awesome.
No particular reason, it just happened to be Monday.


Hee! Those were on the last Marshmellow update. I thought they were adorable but have had no opportunity to make them.

My God, those peeps look so good.


Marshmellow Fridays are best! :D

I love making them from scratch but they are soo messy!

My aunt would make mashed sweet potatoes for Easter, but instead of melting regular marshmallows on top, she melted Peeps. It was insanely sad looking.