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Hobo With A Shotgun Is This Much Closer

We mentioned this before. Now allow us to present you with a totally not safe for work so it's a good thing you have Monday off unrated trailer for HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN.

A few thoughts about this trailer.

1. Making your first full-length trailer 75% Rutger Hauer soliloquy and 25% maiming is a pretty good formula for success.
2. Am I the only one who was hoping Rutger Hauer would eat a baby?
3. Casting the re-animated corpse of Corey Haim (around the 00:58 mark): daring, bold. I've always believed zombie movies should be similar to a good barbeque sauce.

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Comments (6)

That was beautiful! I clapped and squealed with delight at least twice.

The role he was born to play! Was Rutger Hauer ever in any of the Highlander incarnations? He'd make a great sword wielding immortal too.

When i first saw this trailer....i thought, "surely this must be heaven..."


Ruther Hauer as a hobo with a shotgun is a redundancy.


The funny part is I didn't mean the redundant post. Just an iPhonic fluke.

It could be so glorious.