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Geektress Turns 100!


Hey guys, did you know that we're only six two ONE episode of the podcast away from 100 episodes? And in September our website turned 3 years old? (Don't do the math with the site and the podcast. If you already did, yeah, we know, we're lazy.)

In order to celebrate, we're going to combine some of our favorite things. Firstly, our love of New York Comic Con. Thing the second: Burgers & Cupcakes.

On Friday, October 8th, (2010), we'll be at New York Comic Con in New York City. On Friday night, we'll be at 458 9th Avenue, between 35th and 36th streets. That's where Burgers & Cupcakes is, and that's what we'll be having. If you're interested in joining the party, bring some new (or gently used) comics with you to donate to our Comics Care Package project.

(Here is our party flyer! Click to embiggen / Print out / Share!)

We'll be enjoying burgers & cupcakes (and the cash bar) from 8pm until midnight. It's just down the street from the convention, so even if you have other plans, maybe stop on by and buy some raffle tickets. The proceeds will help with the cost of shipping all the comics and extra supplies we send to our troops overseas. Want to know what kind of prizes we've got for the raffle? Hit the jump link to find out.

ThinkGeek contributed a lot of cool stuff, including their Mini Donut Factory, and Trypticon, the Transformers mouse. Plus a lot of other even more awesome things. They also sent a Tauntaun sleeping bag, which will be our grand prize. We love ThinkGeek, and they apparently love the troops.


We've also got this absolutely gorgeous Hellboy Library Edition Hardcover that puts together Seed of Destruction and Wake the Devil -- Dark Horse Comics is seriously awesome. Neatorama has sent us a cool little item, too. And Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab is going to supply gift bags to everyone that brings in a comic book donation.


We got this sweet Bungalow 360 bag from ModCloth. ModCloth also sent a few other accessory surprises, so if you're in to their vintage/retro look, check them out.


Dick Blick Art Supply donated this great set of Copic sketch markers. From their site:

This set contains 12 new colors that include some of the lightest colors ever offered by Copic. It's ideal for artists and illustrators looking for the lightest skintones and highlights. The set contains one each of Lily White, Crystal Opal, Snow Green, Pale Celestine, Cool Gray 00, Warm Gray 00, Pale Thistle, Rose Quartz, Evening Primrose, Pink Beryl, Pale Chiffon, and Yellow Fluorite.

Everyone else wants to keep the Tauntaun sleeping bag, but I'm tempted to keep these. They're really great markers, and they've got the brush end plus a chiseled end.

Also included: Geektress Swag Bag!


It will include the embroidered Geektress bag (which we don't have for sale in our store), a t-shirt in the color of your choice, plus an embroidered winter hat, and yes, buttons (among other things.) Plus, there will hopefully be some cool artwork we'll be raffling off as well. So make sure you take some time Friday night from your first day of the con, and try and stop by Burgers & Cupcakes from 8pm to 12am. We're going to be podcasting, eating, raffling, drinking, laughing, and cupcaking.

I'm pretty sure cupcaking is a verb.

(If you're on the book of Faces, RSVP!)

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Comments (8)


Congratulations Geektresses! Now riddle me this, how can I get hold of some raffle tickets without being at the party?

aw, I'm going to be there on Saturday, so I'm going to out of all this.


I think the podcaster's dinner is on Saturday night, which is why we're having our party on Friday. So there's still a chance to meet up and talk! Just no raffle or prizes. :(

Also, Dion, we're not shipping raffle prizes, so unless you know someone who's going and can buy some tickets for you, you're out of luck. :(

This comment was double frowny face.


WooHoo! Congrats girls! :) I love you all! Sry for being late commenting, really busy at work! (boo! shh..)


As someone who spent too much money to study grammar professionally, I officially declare "cupcaking" a verb.

i would also like some raffle tickets...and I will email you with swag for the comic care package...

And I cupcaked this it is indeed a verb.

Yay to all the cool prizes and stuff!
Boo to not being able to go to NYCC!

Congratulations! You always make me laugh and I hope to hear y'all for many episodes to come!