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Merlin: The Wicked Day
Oh, it's wicked, all right.
Merlin: The Darkest Hour, Part 2
Arthur sacrifices himself for Camelot... almost.
Merlin: The Darkest Hour, Part 1
Morgana unleashes a ghost army on Camelot.

And Now A Word From Our Sponsors

As you may know, Geektress likes to do little charity projects to try and justify our lazy, geeky lifestyle. We've auctioned off signed posters for the Hero Initiative and run several donation drives for US troops serving overseas who want comics.

This October we'll be having our biggest fundraiser yet, at our anniversary party in New York City. Several great companies have made contributions to our event's raffle, and they're all places we here at Geektress love to spend our money. So, if you're interested in learning a little more about Geektress podcasters and writers, keep reading. If you're just in the mood to window shop... keep reading, too, we've got some fantastic stuff for you to covet.

First, if you don't regularly read the site, you should check out Carey's Machete review for a brief introduction to our newest member (and for a kick-ass review.) Also, Dania writes recaps of Classic Star Trek that are not to be missed (not to mention she does a bunch of stuff behind-the-scenes to help me from losing my mind.) Dane also has a fantastic music & photography blog called All Eyes And Ears. (The pictures are usually all hers, and the music is downloadable!)

You probably know Laura from both here and the podcast, and you'll be shocked to learn we actually roped Rania in to contributing to the blog. So, in alphabetical order, because that's most diplomatic:


(Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab)

Dane: The only perfumes I've worn for five years.

Brenda: I really loved their Hellboy scents. I dole out my Abe Sapien in tiny amounts to make it last.

Laura: One of their Bewitching Brews is named after Anne Bonny. I feel like, if I wear it, I will be just a little bit closer to being a kick ass, scary, pirate lady myself.

Dane: I keep a steady supply of Dragon's Heart, Embalming Fluid, Thalia, and Al-Shairan on hand.

(Dark Horse Comics)

Brenda: Dark Horse produces Hellboy, of course, which is fantastic in every way. But I really loved the incredibly silly Werewolves On the Moon... Versus Vampires, which is collected in trade paperback now.

Laura: They're one of my favorite comic companies and would be if they only published Hellboy and B.P.R.D, but I love a ton of their other comics too.

Brenda: Did you know they produced the My Name Is Bruce movie? Which pretty much makes them my new favorite thing ever.

Rania: I love Dark Horse because A) the artists that they work with are amazing and B) they publish Buffy, God bless 'em.


Brenda: I love this place, even though the dresses are not made for the large chested.

Carey: I like ModCloth a lot, too. I have some things from there and like to get gift certificates to them for my lady friends on their birthdays. And I actually have this. It's so ridiculous. It sits on my couch as a throw pillow and everyone who comes over (all two of them) loves it. Also, the cats love it.

Laura: I never have a reason to get dressed up, but, if I did, I'd like to imagine myself in a dress like this. In my head I am super classy.

Carey: I am a shoe whore. The only reason I don't have hundreds of pairs of shoes is because I majored in fine arts instead of computer engineering. But I love these shoes. I love this new trend of lace up business/school girl shoes with heels. I could totally see Tilda Swinton rocking these with a man suit.

Dane: I would like to have the Remixed Apron. I'm sure I don't have to explain why I like it - vintage styling, fabrics and colors, and even though I bought a retro-flavored apron just today, I can never have too many.

Brenda: We also can't go without mentioning the Star Trek wallet. You cut up what to make what now?

Dane: I don't think they cut up anything; it says "a printed reproduction." So I think it's likelier that they're in line for a copyright infringement suit. It's pretty nifty, though!

Brenda: Well, I'm getting the cheeseburger wallet just as soon as I can get a matching cupcake purse. Because I'm all about burgers & cupcakes now. I think I'll make this my personal logo.


Dane: Star Wars coasters!

Brenda: YES! I've always wanted to set my beer on Han Solo's ass!

Laura: I would only rest my tupperware cups upon them, while pretending it was served to me by Aunt Beru.

Carey: I love their mystery sales. Basically, you send them $10 and they send you something back from their overstock merch worth at least $10, and sometimes way more. They've given away Xboxes and Wiis and TokyoFlash watches.

Rania: Titanic and iceberg cubes are hilarious. And... I just really want one of these aprons.

Dane: As far as aprons and ice cube trays go, this plaid apron is cute, and the jewels ice tray.

Brenda: The Titanic ice cubes always crack me up. But I have to say, in terms of volume, I have purchased more bacon wallets over the years than any other novelty gift. This is because Rania is my only vegetarian friend. And everyone frakkin' loves bacon.

Rania I also love these memo notes because one of the things listed is, "Unicorns ran by."

Brenda: Speaking of unicorns, Chris Garvey from Sticky Moments has this shirt at the site, and I can't say a UniCornDog would be my least favorite idea ever.

Laura: I'm too big a Spider-Man fan to not think this is the greatest messenger bag ever.

Brenda: The one we got for the raffle has everybody on it, though. So there's that.

Laura: Also, I want this secret storage case. I can hide my wealth from the filthy proletariat while tricking them into believing I'm on their side.


Carey: I have many things from ShanaLogic - the site as a whole makes me crap my pants with teh cute. It's hard for me to go there without buying 11 things. But two things I love and do not yet have are the Cthulu knitted doll and this art print.

Brenda: I am a sucker for the handmade dolls.

Carey: If I knew how to crochet, I would make it for myself and everyone I know. Cthulhu is terrifying. His very presence will drive you mad, but look at him - he's all yarny and sweet. If I'm going to go mad, I can think of a lot worse to look at. Plus, that guy I married and I kind of collect Cthluhus. This would be an excellent addition to our collection. Also, I am an unapologetic crazy cat lady. I have three of them and I love all things cat and kitten (unless they're those horrible kitten paintings like the ones in Dolores Umbridge's office in Harry Potter).

Brenda: But I liked Umbridge's cat paintings, because they were so incredibly creepy. Maybe because they moved. It's hard to argue with peanut butter and jelly kittens, though.

Carey: It was hard to pick only one cat thing. Cats on a meatball sub, - yes. Cats swimming with narwhals - yes. Cats in a boat - yes. Zombie cats - yes. But cats with PB&J was so cute that I drooled on myself. I would never eat a cat, but the idea of a cat small enough to fit on a sandwich is delightful.

Brenda: For Dane's birthday I got her a camera necklace not entirely dissimilar to this camera ring. (Which also has its own matching necklace.) I'm trying to decide if I want to match with her or not. I could always go with the Polaroid necklace, though. Or about a dozen other necklaces there.

Laura: This is cute and fun and has dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are awesome.

Brenda: I'm not much of a bracelet person. And besides, why choose that when you can get the T-Rex necklace?

Laura: Never lose your dinosaur!


Brenda: I think ThinkGeek is forever going to be known as The Place That Made Tauntaun Sleeping Bags Happen.

Carey: I like ThinkGeek a lot. I do a lot of shopping here for the aforementioned husband.

Laura: I love Pez dispensers. I love my dog. I love this.

Brenda: I have a t-shirt addiction. I think that's like 90% of my purchases here. I mean, they have XKCD tees, fer cryin' out loud.

Laura: A chain mail shirt. I don't know what else I have to say. Well... and maybe this sword necklace at ShanaLogic would go well with the chain mail shirt.

Carey: The only reason I don't have these cat play houses are because it's unwise to encourage an animal that's already evil and domineering. But seriously, I would buy these and never stop laughing.

Brenda: My dog would sit still for pictures, but as soon as your back was turned she'd start eating those things.

Dane: I wanted a working lightsaber. Unfortunately, not anymore though, because they're not carrying Luke's Return Of the Jedi lightsaber anymore. Feh.

Brenda: I can not be trusted with any sort of laser.

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Aw, thanks for the kind plugs at the top. And, and! I just found out that they are in fact, carrying Luke's ROTJ lightsaber at ThinkGeek again! Oh, ThinkGeek; you're the ginchiest.

The rest of you ladies have shown me many new things to covet through your own coveting. (The cheeseburger wallet is too cute!)