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We Are A Part Of An Awesome Nation

(Katie Cook sketch card from SDCC. Charlie Ramirez is a lucky guy.)

Some days I'm like "Yeah, America is obnoxious and fat." Other days I'm like "Holy crap, we just invented a video game that simulates life in Medieval Times."

So far this week, there's been a lot to get excited about in the good ol' US of A. For instance, yesterday saw the dawn of a new "food specific" store in the vein of M&M's World and the Hershey Store: Pop Tart World. You can get limited edition flavors of Pop Tarts, make a mix-n-match box of flavors with an automated vending machine, get customized t-shirts, print your picture on a box, or try Pop Tart sushi.

Pop. Tart. Sushi.

"We did an internal tasting here at the building, and it was the winner," said Etienne Patout, senior director.

It's actually just crushed up Pop Tarts wrapped in a fruit roll up, but hey -- sugar is sugar. There's a lot more -- obviously you'll be able to buy Pop Tart tchotchkes and sample various pastries. But, just like LeVar Burton says: You don't have to take my word for it. Hit the jump link for video of the store, plus a lot of other kick-ass things.

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If that's not enough, straight out of a really boring James Bond movie comes the Sharpie Liquid Pencil. See, it's a Sharpie that writes in "liquid graphite" - a substance that transmogrifies into permanent ink in 72 hours. So I guess if you're an insecure artist, you have three days to change your mind before your scribbles are LOCKED FOREVER IN THEIR INKY TOMB.


Office Depot already has two-packs on sale for $5. It comes with six erasers. I don't know what that's about -- maybe they anticipate you'll do a lot of showing off around the office for the next few months? I mean, it beats playing Farmville.

Also, just when you thought the Spider-Man musical wasn't happening, BAM! Turn Off The Dark, December 21st. It's like an early Christmas miracle.


If you don't remember from our previous posts on the subject and you can't read that poster, U2 scored it and Julie Taymor (of "Lion King" musical adaptation fame) is directing it. It's also the most expensive damn stage show Broadway has ever seen. If I were gonna make up quotes, my favorite made up quote would be "We're going to kick Cirque Du Soleil in its French Smarmy Ass." It was so expensive and so elaborate, it kept getting delayed and we feared we'd never get to see it. But all is well, with the cast (Reeve Carney as Peter Parker, Jennifer Damiano as Mary Jane Watson and Patrick Page as the Green Goblin) in place, and rehearsals starting August 16th.

Well, we talked about musical theater, we might as well discuss makeup: MAC Cosmetics announced last week that they're launching a Wonder Woman themed collection starting Spring of 2011. Details are still sketchy at this point, though we're trying to get in touch with someone at MAC for more information. What seems to be certain is that the line will include blush, eye shadow, nail polish and lipstick -- the basics, in other words. Here's to hoping the lip stick doesn't include pants and the eye shadow doesn't require a bedazzler.

Finally, I leave you with something super awesome to top off a post full of awesome:

Yes, that is a gorilla playing Nintendo. Or, as it was put somewhere else: Donkey Kong Playing Donkey Kong.

Chris Spicuzza was spending her day at the San Francisco Zoo, taking photos of the gorillas. While she was there, a kid accidentally dropped his Nintendo DSi XL into their habitat. Curiously, one of the big gorillas grabbed it, and started to play with it. A baby gorilla saw it from the distance and, naturally, he came by, wanting to play with it too.

Check out all the photos and even a short video at the photographer's Flickr page.

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Comments (1)


I think I got a cavity just from watching that vid of the new PopTart World! O.O

And, did it take the place of that Hershey's Place in NYC?

The Katie Cook drawing is as awesome as she is! :)

The sharpie intrigues, but leaves many a question...

I doubt the veracity of the Broadway Spider-Man story and the gorilla one only leave me sad...sad that these animals are being killed for their meat and that they pretty much have no more natural places to live in the world.