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San Diego Comic Con Final Round-Up


So, apparently, as some sort of stunt at SDCC this year, Hot Wheels was selling empty boxes of Invisible Jet for $5 apiece. It's a cute gag and I can understand why people lined up for it. But now those folks are selling them on eBay at ridiculous prices only nerds could dream up. $5 for a gag, okay maybe. $25? Yeah, pass.

There is, however, someone selling the Invisible Jet plus a Wonder Woman iPhone case for $40. And it's a nice iPhone case. Unfortunately, I don't have an iPhone.

Anyway, after the jump, Laura put together some of our favorite quotes that came out of Comic-Con. We don't often remember to quote the panels we actually go to, so it's nice that someone else out there with a press pass takes notes.

From the DC Showcase Animated Shorts panel, Thomas Jane got chatty about the Jonah Hex short that's attached to the Batman: Under the Red Hood DVD.

"I like that he hits women," Jane jokes. "Can we watch that again?"
"I was dying to play this guy in the film," Jane said of this year's live-action Jonah Hex feature. "And God smiled and made sure I didn't. Thank God. God will save your ass. Further proof that somebody up there likes me."

And then, ladies and gentlemen, Bruce Timm:

"Why is there not a market for serious animation on TV?" Timm: "Define serious. I've been doing serious cartoons for 20 years."

From io9's interview with Joss Whedon:

Ant-Man does not appear in The Avengers. I just like to play with Nathan. And if you ever get a chance to ask him to do his Ant-Man audition, you will not be disappointed.
Ultimately these people don't belong together and the whole movie is about finding yourself from community. And finding that you not only belong together but you need each other, very much. Obviously this will be expressed through punching but it will be the heart of the film.
They couldn't have more different views of the world. That will just end up in fun. It ended up in Civil War in the comics, in my movie it will be witty banter.

EW PopWatch had an interview with the Green Lantern cast.

"He's not like a valet parking attendant in Tokyo."
"I'd like a giant personal bodyguard that looks like a panda."

And then, we couldn't leave here without a quote from Doc Hammer. It's cool he made it all the way out to San Diego, because he's got some sort of inner ear problem that makes air travel more painful than usual. (Also, io9 had an interview after the Venture Bros. panel with Jackson Publick.)

"True Blood is fucking awful. It's an awful show but you can't stop watching it!"

Well said, sir. Well said.

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Being able to articulate complex tropes through punching is what makes Joss Whedon great.