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Geektyrant.com, whom I read in my head as "Geekty Rant", has possible insider news about the new Superman movie.

According to their "inside the lot" sources, Christopher Nolan's brother, Jonathan, is the dude who is actually hired to direct the film:

This would be Jonathan Nolan's first directing gig. At the time I didn't think the WB would give a first time director the $150 - $200 million dollar budgeted movie. But if his big brother is there to guide him, and teach him the ways of the force then maybe the studio would let him do it. After all, they're all about keeping Christopher Nolan happy.

As you may remember, the last rumor was that Chris Columbus was directing the Man of Steel reboot, which of course filled everyone over the age of 15 with a certain amount of dread. I mean, sure, if you want a Superman movie with pacing that stops dead in its tracks for twenty minutes to explain exactly who this Superman fella is with details from every Superman comic book ever written, because your mildly informed audience will not be able to infer such things from plot, than sure, hire Chris Columbus. We all know how difficult is is to translate the written word on to the silver screen in the most literal way possible. It takes a certain lack of finesse.

In other news, Alfonso Cuarón's Wonder Woman movie... is still not a real thing. Haha, you just peed your pants a little, didn't you? I know I did. Christ on a cracker, why don't I run Hollywood.

More Superman news after the jump.

It was also revealed to us that auditions for the Superman reboot are currently taking place, and our source dropped the name of one actor who they know has auditioned for the film. This actor's name is Zachary Levi, who you all know from the NBC TV show Chuck. It's unknown at this time what role he auditioned for, but one can guess that it was for the role of Clark Kent, a.k.a. Superman. Levi seems to have all the right Clark Kent qualities, and it seems like he's in good enough shape. I think he would be a nice fit for the role.

No no no, wrong Chuck cast member. Stick with Routh. ROUTH IS THE TRUTH! And if that's not how you pronounce his name, ROUTH IS THE MOUTH!

Laura: I wish I were related to Christopher Nolan. Would being his cousin get me a gig directing Aquaman?

Brenda: Is there going to be an Aquaman movie?

Laura: I dunno. I'm just saying that maybe if I was his cousin I could say, "You, I'd like to direct Aquaman," and he'd make it happen. I assume I'd have to be a sister to direct Wonder Woman. Third cousin twice removed might get me Phantom Stranger.

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Comments (4)

Conversely to Columbus' Superman, would Cuarón's Wonder Woman remove key pieces of information for no good reason and have Etta Candy save the day?

Probably, but at the expense of my not falling asleep.


I love Chuck, but Zachary Levi cannot be cast as Superman. That would be insane.

That said, neither should the Mouth, or Truth, or whatever. Superman is a wooden enough character; he is ill-served by an actor for whom "performance" is essentially imitating a cardboard cutout of himself.

Going from Routh to Chuck would be a terrible mistake. I don't even dislike that actor, but come on! He was a heck of a Kent.