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Dear America: Keep Kicking Ass

(Washington Fighting A Tiger via Jason Heuser)
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For all of our U.S. readers, thanks for reading. This post is to add even more awesome to a holiday that not only celebrates outdoor cooking and gunpowder, but the anniversary of our restraining order against King George III.

For all of our everywhere-else-in-the-world readers, thanks for reading. This post is to add even more awesome to your Sunday.

I hope all of you gaze upon the following artworks and are uplifted. Perhaps you should all grill some meat outdoors, weather permitting. It will only add to your general feeling of kick-assery.

Gallery of Patriots after the jump.

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This is Lincoln as Snake Plissken. Obviously every good geek prefers Escape From New York, but we won't hold that against artist Reilly Stroope. If you're interested, he's done a line art graphic, too, presumably to put on T-Shirts. (I still prefer the original guerrilla-style artwork, though.)

We move away from historical-figures-as-action-heroes because I ran out of those pictures. Instead, let us jump in to the awe-inspiring realm of fictional characters. Firstly:

Robo-Cop on a Unicorn. Which is actually a collected series on Flickr.


This painting features Batman. Fighting a Great White Shark. With a goddamn Lightsaber. I'm sure you've all seen it on the webs before, but did you know it was the product of illustrator Andrew Zubko? He's got some seriously disturbed paintings on his site, and while he can't sell prints of Batman Vs. Shark, there's a lot of other stuff of his for sale.

Not to be outdone, artist Dave Dorman shows us that Batman has become so comfortable with his lightsaber skills, he's ready to take on advanced students.

(Click to embiggen)

I particularly like this photo:

But can't find the original photoshopper. There is a site called "If Star Wars Were Real" with similar World War II / Chicken Walker photos, but that site is having technical issues this weekend.

Instead, enjoy Thomas G. Sullivan's version of Rosie the Riveter (which I have in t-shirt form.) Check out the rest of his work here.

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I wept tears of naturalized citizen joy. Geektress, I salute you.


Love that image of Robocop riding the unicorn!

Totally putting this in the links post tomorrow.

Is the unicorn-friendly Robocop in Brenda's WW/Batman spy fanfiction?


haha, I love clicking to embiggen! :D