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Review: Star Wars Cookie Cutters


Williams Sonoma has a set of $20 cookie cutters. These particular cookie cutters make Star Wars shapes. I didn't even hesitate before I bought them. I'd heard tale of them from a friend, and as soon as they went up on the W-S website, I bought them.

I have not been disappointed.


As you can see from this tasty product shot (via the W-S site), the set comes with a Yoda, a Darth Vader, a Boba Fett, and a Stormtrooper. "Why put Yoda together with the greatest Sith lord ever, his minions, and a bounty hunter?"

Because Yoda is a badass, that's why.

More pictures and review after the jump.

Click to embiggen, if you're in to that.

The box set comes with a neat scroll (not pictured) with a sugar cookie / icing recipe. I assume that this recipe is ideal for imprinted cookies. I would not know, as I was in a rush this week and just used Pillsbury's pre-made sugar cookie dough. Cutting things out worked well enough, as you can see. You just cut the shape and then press down on the plunger before lifting up to give your cookie a "face."

Yoda and Boba Fett come out well, too. My only problems were that Boba's antenna often gets lopped off in the spatula-to-baking-sheet process, and Yoda's ears get all bendy as the dough gets mushy/warm (and can be lopped off in the spatula process as well.) A good way to get around mis-shapen cutouts is to use less flour on the cutter so that the shaped dough actually sticks to it. You can use the plunger to coax the shape out directly on to the baking sheet.

I did not make any Darth Vaders this time around, but let's just assume he turns out as well as the other three.

Like I said, you should probably use the recipe they give you for the cookies, or the pre-made dough has a tendency to rise (erasing some of your impression lines) and stretch. The result is E.T. Yodas and Jabba Stormtroopers:

Don't get me wrong, they still tasted delicious. And unlike the fancypants who frosted their cutouts for the product image above, I just left them plain. If you like frosting on your cookies, go ahead and frost them. But they turn out adorable all the same. (Not pictured: Finished Bobas, which didn't distort all that much during baking.)

Conclusion: Worth the $20 if you like to bake and like Star Wars. I imagine that if you have kids who love Star Wars, too, they'll pay for themselves eventually in easy bake sale contributions or whatever the kids are doing these days.

UPDATE: The Darth Vader cutter works awesome. I used a chocolate cookie recipe and rolled out the dough on a "cocoa-d" countertop. I also made my great-grandmother's sugar cookie recipe and tinted the dough green for Yodas I don't have to frost. The effect is awesome. And Stormtroopers can just be left the original sugar-cookie color.

UPDATE 2: Review of the "vehicles" set of cookie cutters.

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The cookies look good!
I just bought the pancake forms, since they were just too awesome to pass up. I haven't tried them out yet, but I'm sure they will be awesome.
No Fett though :(

I make way less pancakes than I do cookies, but I was thinking about getting those, too.