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Ever watch the old Universal horror movies and think, "this is good, but it could use more teen angst...and maybe a dash of Busby Berkeley"? Well, then Universal and Mattel are making the movie "Monster High" just for you. According to The Hollywood Reporter, "The monster musical is set at 'frighteningly fashionable' Monster High and features the spawn of famous monsters including Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolfman undergoing the trials and tribulations of high school." As Brenda pointed out, at least this toy line inspired movie is more creative than Hasbro's "Magic 8 Ball, the Movie."

"Monster High" will be written by "Smallville" masterminds Alfred Gough and Miles Millar. Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, of "Hairspray" fame, are in talks to write the music. I anxiously await the scene where Joey Imhotep stares longingly at Annie Dracula's shiny hair for 10 minutes before bursting into "Ghoul, You'll Be a Woman Soon." Later they lose their virginity to "Do It for Transylvania." Basically, it'll be a 2 hour long commercial with songs. Maybe they should hire jingle writers instead, so the music is extra catchy. You'll be sick of it before the movie is even released anyway, since Mattel is also putting out books, cartoons, webisodes, apparel and probably home pregnancy tests.

I'm normally all in favor of pretty much anything musical, but this mash up of "Twilight," "Glee" and Bratz dolls is just a bit much for me. Maybe I'm just being cynical. What do you think?

Update: Here's the "Monster High" website Candace mentioned in the comments. It's actually worse than I even imagined. Your children will all grow up to become hobos if you let them watch this crap.

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Comments (3)


I agree, I usually love a good musical, but this is ridiculous.
And now it makes me sad.

Have you seen the site? "I know my ghoul friends have got my back!" Ugh. And however will they pass the SAT? The Scary Aptitude Test!

Ah! I didn't know about the site. I could have been making fun of this in an informed manner.

Shit! It's Draculaura! Now I feel dirty. And the boy is a Gorgon. Weren't they all women?