I think Sam's soul needs an It Gets Better campaign.

Merlin: The Wicked Day
Oh, it's wicked, all right.
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Vaccination Gal: Waiting To Stick You


Today I remembered that I had a Tumblr account, and then I read my Tumblr account, and realized I used to be full of jokes and now I'm just full of neglect. Anyway, this is from February 2008.

Laura: When I create a superheroine, she will have a hint of tragedy in her origin, her purpose will be easily described in a sentence, and she will have a logo.

Brenda: Vaccination Gal. By day she's a registered nurse. By night, she cuts down criminals with her deadly syringe throwing skills. Also that logo will be real easy to create.

Laura: Do not make fun of my plans. I seriously want to create a superheroine.

Brenda: Her ally could be Trojan Man. Her enemy could be Dr. Germ. And then we could have They Might Be Giants re-record their song Dr. Worm to Dr. Germ.

Laura: I'm ignoring you now.

Brenda: In fact, forget Vaccination Gal. Now I want to write a show about a failed villain called Dr. Germ. He always has problems with overheating and accidentally sterilizing his attempts at mass-murder. "There's no salmonella in here! This is just... water!" ..."Curses! Boiled again!" I like the thought of someone sipping a cup that's supposed to be full of salmonella and being like: "Hey... there's no salmonella in here! What gives?"

Laura: I bought a Lex Luthor JLU action figure and one of his legs is shorter than the other.

Brenda: Maybe it's just that one of his feet is smaller than the other, or perhaps he has hip displasia. You really shouldn't discriminate against the handicapped. I mean, whenever toys have defects I think of the events of Toy Story. "Perhaps that doll needs extra special love, because of its... 'difficulties' ...with display cases." What I'm saying here is that you should probably take a shower with the Lex doll because on the off chance he's actually alive with magic, he'd appreciate the nudity. Being handicapped, I bet the other JLU villainness dolls don't like him much.

Laura: Are you drunk, or just extra crazy tonight?

Brenda: A little from column a, a little from column b.

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The Wimpy Looking English Due:

I'd read it, hell I've read a ton of stuff that sounds worse.

I read this. Thank you.