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The Return Of Bruce Chest Hair


Next week, Grant Morrison's six part comic, "The Return of Bruce Wayne," hits shelves. CBR has a preview. We're very excited to see shirtless Batman. It so rarely happens these days. I mean, you don't get to gaze lovingly on Dick Grayson's posterior anymore due to his now wearing a cape.

Laura: I am disappointed in this, since all the cavemen appear to be fairly attractive.

Brenda: That head caveman reminds me of Ted Neeley.

Brenda: What the fuck is he wearing on his head on that cover? THAT IS AWESOME!

Laura: I believe Bruce is wearing the head of a giant bat.

Brenda: I'm also disappointed the cavemen speak English. If I were Grant Morrison, I'd write a comic book all in my own language.

Laura: Yeah, they seem a bit chatty for people who should only have rudimentary language skills. And if Bruce is able to talk to them, I call bullshit. I think he's also got a hairier chest than the cavemen, which seems wrong.

Brenda: It's making up for rubber nipples.

Laura: But he has real nipples. Why would he need rubber ones?

Brenda: The rubber ones George Clooney had. It will take a lot of chest hair to wipe away that bad memory. And maybe some cash. A refund with interest.

Laura: I feel Schumacher owes it to me more.

Brenda: Perhaps, but I don't want to confuse him with the beating I'm going to give him for Phantom of the Opera.

By the by, Chris Sims wrote a hilarious article about shirtless Bruce Wayne that everyone should read, then memorize, then quote at bars.

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All six issues come out next week?

I read this. Thank you.

Sadly, just the first issue. We must wait for Pirate Batman.

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I agree 100% with this story, a lot of people have diffrent outlooks on the subject


"Brenda: I'm also disappointed the cavemen speak English. If I were Grant Morrison, I'd write a comic book all in my own language."

I think he does, thats why people either love him or hate him. It all depends on if you can speak that language...