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Geektress Posters Rocked C2E2


Okay, so this year for the first annual Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, Laura and I decided that -- instead of awkwardly handing over random single-issue comics, or mumbling and shuffling our feet trying to figure out how to tell our favorite creators that we love them -- we would show the writers and artists that make our lives enjoyable that we love them by having them sign an exclusive piece of artwork we'd made ourselves (with help from Tony Miello in the actual art making department.)

It gave us something to talk about other than "ZOMG I LOVE BIGBY WOLF." It would be a way for us to advertise the site, too. And most importantly, it was something we could give to someone who wasn't able to attend. The best part is, we decided to auction off the posters we got signed, and donate the profits to the Hero Initiative. Turns out, this idea worked out great. The posters look fantastic, and we got to meet a LOT of our favorite creators.

After the jump is a list of who all we got to sign, plus links to the auction pages on eBay.

Poster 1


Bid on it HERE!

Signed by:

Mark Waid
Mike Norton
Amanda Conner
Fred Van Lente
Ryan Dunlavey
Greg Pak
Art Baltazar
Cliff Chiang
Paul Tobin
Gail Simone
Jim Calafiore
Franco Aureliani
Jimmy Palmiotti
Bill Willingham
Jamal Igle
Tom Fowler
Skottie Young
Colleen Coover
Gene Ha

Poster 2

Bid on it HERE!

It's signed by Katie Cook, Jill Thompson, Amanda Conner, Gail Simone, and
Colleen Coover!

To check out the actual poster artwork, clicky on this thumbnail to embiggen:

Also, we have three NON-SIGNED posters left over from the printing. They are 11x17 heavyweight glossy cardstock, and are $10. Email Brenda (bren AT geektress DOT com) if you're interested.

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