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Marshmellow Friday!


I wish it really was spelled marshmellow because they totally are my comfort food.

While at C2E2, I kept passing the Squibbles booth, because it was strategically positioned near the main entrance. There was a complete display of marshmallow-headed characters that I had trouble resisting. They were all painted differently, and together as a group it was an awesome sight. Unfortunately they were packaged "surprise!" style -- you didn't know which character you were going to get.

I solved this problem by examining the booth further on Saturday afternoon. Turns out, these little guys are all named Marshall Mashumaro -- a little boy who ate so many marshmallows he turned in to one! You can even friend him on Facebook, which of course I did. Right after I shelled out $15 for the special "toasty" version of Marshall (pictures after the jump.)


All the toasted Marshalls are hand-airbrushed, so there was a lot to consider. Do you get a Marshall with a cute spot over one eye? Do you get a Marshall with no "burning" on his face at all? Laura and I decided that the Marshalls that had toasted spots on the face were actually cuter, even though his expression on each one was the same. Something about a happy smiling little guy despite having third degree burns cheered us up.

When I got home I spied this shirt at TeeFury and knew it had to be mine.


The art is by Rodrigo Leonardo Batista Ferreira. (I may get his Cartoon Wig design, too!) If you don't know what TeeFury is, it's a limited edition (one day only) print of designs from artists usually plucked from Threadless. I was first introduced to the site via Geektress reader Alex Chung. Their $9 purchase price and $2 flat shipping rate pretty much sealed that they are now my premiere t-shirt purchasing site.

Anyway, the same day I bought this and was telling everyone about my new marshmallow headed child, I was luxuriating in free marshmallow Peeps. It was then I realized my marshmallow obsession. And I decided that it's okay. It's okay I find them cute AND delicious. They're smooshy and they're sweet, and they have little nutritional value. But they're great melted with rice krispie cereal. (And butter. Lots of butter.)

Naturally, discovering a newfound obsession led to much Googling. I found these Cupcake Marshmallow Pops at Hostess Blog:


Frakkin' adorable, right? They're made by putting lollipop sticks in large-sized marshmallows, dipping them in melted chocolate (color of your choice -- I know Michael's Crafts always has a rainbow of variety), topping them with nonpareils and M&Ms that match your chocolate color of choice. The link above to Hostess Blog even includes instructions how to make a cute display container, in case you plan on setting these out at a party.

Me, I plan on trying not to eat them all before the guests show up.

To conclude this post, I'll show you where Marshall usually hangs out:


Our new master bathroom came with a mounted toothbrush holder that does not fit any of our toothbrushes. Since it's on "my" side of the bathroom vanity, I decided to put Marshall there. He matches the decor.

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Comments (4)


mmm...toasty marshmellowy poo!! :D


It's like Archie McPhee heard me! They Tweeted cupcake lipbalm today.


Cupcakes being my other obsession, of course.


Did you see the stuffed poops at the Shawnimals booth? I got a stuffed poop with en eye patch and evil moustache.

Ah, how cute. totally had to friend him on facebook