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Dean Winchester Thinks You're Doing It Wrong

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Jensen Ackles as the voice of Red Hood.

Oh, you wanted more to this post? Okay. Bruce Greenwood -- who, if you are to believe his own website, is THE GREATEST LIVING ACTOR -- as Batman. (Thank you Baby Jesus for not letting a Baldwin get cast in this role again. Or ever again.)

You want more? Neil Patrick Harris. As Nightwing, for God's sake. It shouldn't even be a real requirement that a voiceover actor have an ass resembling the comic book character he's portraying, but there you have it. NPH. In a Batman cartoon.

Before I explain more, click the link and see the trailer for this thing.

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Gruff-tastic voiceover aside, that looks awesome. Batman: Under the Red Hood is scripted by Judd Winick and is based on his popular 2005 comics storyline and subsequent comics graphic novel of the same name. Animation guru Bruce Timm returns as executive producer, and the director is Brandon Vietti, who was responsible for the first third of Superman Doomsday.

It's out on DVD July 27th, and the 2-disc set includes the Jonah Hex short that Thomas Jane and Linda Fucking Hamilton are in. That's right, her new middle name is an expletive, deal with it. It also includes a featurette on Robin and a couple of Batman: The Animated Series episodes that Bruce Timm felt were awesome enough to be included. It's like casting BENDER B BENDING RODRIGUEZ AS THE JOKER would not be enough to draw you in to the title feature. Sheesh.

I had to check my shorts after getting this email, holy mother. Just because it's put me in a good mood, I'll include another production still for your perusal. Download it, put it as your desktop wallpaper, photoshop me in the background having a heart attack, whatever.

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Comments (6)


Well, if Jensen thinks I'm doing it wrong, then tell him to give me a all and I'll show him that I know just how to do it. And trust me, it's right.

Also, I hope to the gods that you aren't comparing Nightwing's bootylicious, half-moon ass to NPH's. I simply cannot countenance such a delusional statement.


What?! Does NPH have a flat butt? It's so hard to put an ass with face.

We'll still have Jensen shooting people, though.


I'm sure NPH has an acceptable ass, but not the cantaloupes covered in black spandex of Nightwing. I'm just sayin' is all.

I should just post that page from Secret Six #9.

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