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This one time, there was a robot show. It was a robot show that I liked very much. It was a robot show I wrote about on this very site. It was a robot show that never had the chance to disappoint me with some bullshit about angels, because this robot show was cancelled before that could happen.

It was a show with hot robots, like that other show, but more importantly, it was a show with Garret Dillahunt as a robot, and also that girl from Garbage with the hair and the accent.

In short, it was an awesome show, and lately I've come to resent its being cancelled. Again. Yes, it's time for my quarterly "FOX is the devil and they took away my robots" rant. Here we go:

I can deal with certain things. I can handle Jericho no longer being on the air, because it was given a decent burial and I can still enjoy it on DVD and Blu-Ray. The same can be said for another Garret Dillahunt show that was cancelled at the same time as SCC: Life. (Life sort of knew it was, a ha, on borrowed time.) Pushing Daisies didn't have so much of a graceful ending as it did a hasty one, but Kristen Chenowith won an Emmy for it and that makes up for a lot. Plus she was on Glee this season so at least she's still around. (Where the fuck did Garret Dillahunt go? Can't we get him on Sons of Anarchy or Fringe or something? Jesus.) (I know he's been working, but he went from being on all of my shows to none of my shows. WITHDRAWAL.)

It does not make life easier that I want more robot show, and I'm not going to get it. Oh, sure, they can throw a couple of robots on Fringe, but that's not the same, is it? Rubbing salt in the wound is when I check the stats for this blog, and among the usual search terms (leather shorts; Katey Sagal's tits; truck pullers [ed. note: what?]), rounding out the top ten are the terms: SCC, Lena Headey, Dean Winters, 1920s speakeasy, Sarah Connor Kyle Reese, Time Travel, and John Connor as a vampire.

I have no idea what the last one is because Google can be a disappointing mess, too, apparently.

So, a full 70% of the people that visit this site are looking for more killer robot show stuff. YOU AREN'T GOING TO GET IT BECAUSE FOX IS THE DEVIL.

Anyway. It's the holiday season, which is why I've chosen to bring this all up again. There's nothing else on television right now and naturally when you think of the baby Jesus you think: killer robots. So I decided to take out the figurative razor and drag it over the proverbial vein in my theoretical soul by going through Josh Friedman's blog and wondering where it all went wrong.

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Ugh. I should have titled this "Remember that guy you didn't like from Fringe? Now he has his own show that's in your old show's time slot! LOL!"